5 Live Performances That Have Impacted Singer-Songwriter Hannah Grondin

Hannah Grondin performs as part of Women In Voice. Hannah Grondin performs as part of Women In Voice.

Almost three decades since it first began (when Annie Peterson staged an event to give an opportunity for female singers to share the music they did not have the chance to perform anywhere else), Women In Voice continues to be an inspiring showcase of established and emerging women musicians.

A blend of superb singing and delicious harmonies, backed by an incomparable band, all served up with a generous dose of laughs, this instalment of Women In Voice features Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Hannah Grondin who is excited to be back and performing in the Redlands, where she grew up, having attended Ormiston College.

When Hannah was asked to reflect on five performances that left an impact on her life, she gave the following list in no particular order.

"Live music and the theatre are a huge and very important part of my life. Choosing just five was a difficult ask, but these were some of the first that came to mind, so they clearly left an impact."

The Cat Empire every time I've seen them at Woodford (a lot)

Woodford is my favourite festival and this band hold a very special place in my heart as they mean a lot to me my closest friends.

The Secret River - QTC 2016

This play was so powerful. It was one of those shows that stayed with me for a long time after I left my theatre seat.

Come From Away - Melbourne 2019

Such a wonderful and important story. I think it's so incredible that the writers were able to write a show so joyous from such a tragic event. And the fact that it's a true story makes it all the more impactful.

Next To Normal - Oscar Theatre Company 2013

I was lucky to work with OTC when I was a teenager. They were one of the first companies to give me a gig and I will never forget this show.

It's one of those musicals that sparked my love for musical theatre, so I was so excited when they announced that they were putting it on. It was so perfectly cast. I saw it three times throughout their season and cried and laughed every time.

The National live at Bluesfest 2016

Just one of those live music gigs that has stuck with me. I was right up the front with my younger sister and their latest album at the time held lots of memories. They did not disappoint. I'll never forget how quirky the lead singer was and they did all of our favourite songs.

Women In Voice takes place at Brisbane Powerhouse 11-12 June (sold out) and Redland Performing Arts Centre (Brisbane) 20 June. Joining Hannah will be Leah Cotterell, Menaka Thomas, Bellani Smith, Hannah Johnstone, and Jenny Wynter who'll MC the night.



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