Premiere: Stream Flamingo Pier's New Single 'Lost But I'm Leading'

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Flamingo Pier are an indie funk-soul-groove group from New Zealand. Flamingo Pier are an indie funk-soul-groove group from New Zealand.

Party throwers and music makers, New Zealand's Flamingo Pier have been busy in the studio concocting a fresh brew of yacht dance-rock, soulful funk, world beats and disco vibes (let the saxophone flow) in the form of their self-titled debut album (out today).

Usually not in the same hemisphere, let alone the same time zone, the pandemic has provided Flamingo Pier the time and space to craft a collection of songs inspired by the likes of Khruangbin, Roisin Murphy, Peven Everett, Masters At Work and Tim Maia.

With a focus on 'shared joy' as well as nostalgia-filled memories of the dance floor, you'll feel the positivity oozing through Flamingo Pier's melodies and beats.

"By being a source of joy for others, you amplify that joy for both yourself and those around you, rather than losing anything," band member Luke Walker says.

One of the standout tracks of the album is 'Lost But I'm Leading' with its funk, Afro-house, Pacific-flavoured beats and minimalistic synth lines and slappin'-fresh basslines that scenestr is excited to share with you. Enjoy.



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