5 Ways To Procrastinate Shared By Blade Hooper

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Blade Hooper is a pop-rock singer-songwriter based in Brisbane. Blade Hooper is a pop-rock singer-songwriter based in Brisbane.

Combining smooth guitar and broody songwriting, Blade Hooper wants to make you feel.

Whether it's the vulnerable sentiments in his words or the nostalgic sound sediments within his productions, it's clear Blade carves his emotions into artefacts of passion and honesty.

Blade recently released his debut single 'In Favour Of Us', a polished slice of upbeat, cheerful pop-rock.

"I originally wrote the music and melody back in late 2019 in approximately 15 minutes. The chorus was the only lyrics I had which stuck, but then it was earlier this year I rewrote the verses and created more of a relationship narrative.

"It came from my own relationship experience during the pandemic where everyday felt like Groundhog Day and super predictable. I just wanted to escape it all because I felt like I was in a rut and questioned everything."

Here, Blade shares a few ways to procrastinate.

1: Self diagnose yourself on WEBMD

Does your back hurt? Are you forgetting things too often? And do you have a deadline you need to meet?

Well look no further than the intellectual sinkhole that is WebMD and the vast array of self-diagnosis criteria sure to catapult you into hysteria. It's a great way to procrastinate if you're a hypochondriac or just an avid time waster.

2: Binge watch 'The Office' (US version)

This is the ol' reliable of procrastination. What better way to avoid menial tasks and mundane adulting than to watch people do that very thing but funny. Extra points if you watch the series through multiple times.

3: Why Don't You Air Fry Everything In Your Kitchen

Am I hungry? Or am I bored? Neither. I'm procrastinating baby! Obviously you need an air fryer to do this, so if you don't and have been thinking about getting one, this is the sign you've been waiting for.

I'm talking schnitties, burgers, veggies, sweet potato fries, pies, the list goes on beyond the limitations of my imagination. . . What are you waiting for?

4: Play 'The Witcher'

'The Witcher' was a game changer in my pursuit to procrastinate. Ease into procrastination by bingewatching the TV series on Netflix, then once you have developed a healthy obsession, saddle up and buy the 'Witcher 3: Wild Hunt'. You'll thank me later.

5: Good Old Fashion Brooding

Ahh my personal favourite. I often like to start my day with a power brooding session to get off on the right foot. To increase the effectiveness of brooding, make sure that you have a productive day planned, then at a moment's notice, abandon that plan and just brood.

10/10 would recommend this as a way to procrastinate; I can confirm hours can be spent thinking of the futile nature of existence. Do it alone or as a group activity with friends.

Blade Hooper plays Tomcat (Brisbane) 28 November.



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