Premiere: Stream Rita B's New Single 'Coming Up'

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Rita B is an alternative folk singer-songwriter from Sydney. Rita B is an alternative folk singer-songwriter from Sydney. Image © Van Bartel

The darker tones of Alanis Morissette meets the upbeat, joyous vibes of HAIM on Rita B's newest single 'Coming Up', which showcases the singer-songwriter's rockier sound.

Following her earlier 2021 singles 'Travel Companion' and 'Dirty City', 'Coming Up' pulsates with a buoyant yet dramatic energy the gloomy, bleak lyrics adding an invigorated spirit that morphs into a fierce attitude.

'Jesus Christ / If I'd known sooner I would have packed my bags and gone / I think you're beautiful / But I don't need you, I don't need you.'

"My music now has become rockier and darker, and I've been working with a different producer, Guy Fenech, to achieve a more layered sound," Rita B says.

"I imagine the music will always be evolving due to what it is I'm experiencing or consuming at a point in time."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (26 November), scenestr is thrilled to premiere 'Coming Up' today. Enjoy.

The Sydney artist's previous work has drawn comparisons to Stella Donnelly and Julia Jacklin, and although her sound is evolving Rita says her music remains rooted to the her folk beginnings.

"I think overall it is sonically a combo of empowered folk rock and hallowing folk singer-songwriter. My rhythm section gives the sound a lot of groove and rock tones.

"I often like to add a violinist on top of the drum, bass, guitar/ singing trio.

"My solo acoustic persona is perhaps sonically a little more deep and layered compared to your average acoustic sound. I enjoy harmonies and reverb.

"Stylistically, my vocals are inspired by folk music and technically I like to vocally explore a broad range of singing notes."

Rita B and her band play Butchers Brew Bar (Sydney) 9 December.



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