Electrofringe's EF17: Creating A Stimulating Environment In Sydney For Cultural Exchange

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Analog Scultpure Workshop (EF16) Analog Scultpure Workshop (EF16)

Electrofringe's EF17 showcase is opening up the world of electronic art to liberate 30 artists, hackers and musicians in Sydney.

Established in the late '90s, Electrofringe is a not-for-profit experimental arts and culture organisation dedicated to presenting emerging electronic and technology-based work in Australia.

"We're trying to make something somewhere between an art exhibition and experimental music showcase, a hacking meet up and a networking event," Electrofringe Artistic Director Kimberley Bianca says. "We're trying to generate a new format of an event inspired by events in Europe where there's no hierarchy as such, there's no Festival Director in control, everyone is involved in some way in creating the showcase's vision."

EF17 sets an open platform for experimental ideas, practices and techniques. You can Interact with bioelectrical machines, dance to a live music programme and learn how to mousejack your housemate's computers all for free, but you can also purchase a donation ticket.

Circlepath to perform at EF

"You can order a donation-based ticket through Eventbrite but you don't have to," Kimberley says. "We've also had a crowdfunder running for a couple of months now and this allows us to fund the showcase which means local start-ups and individual artists who have more of a brand are able to pay to exhibit in the showcase as well… This is what helps us keep it free."

EF17 Highlights include:
- Platypus Initiative’s lockpicking and mousejacking workshops
- Virtual Reality exhibit Light Show VR, which intentionally aims to make you feel good vibes.
- Late events: 'Upstairs' by Mark Oliveiro and Analog Cabin Label busting it out this year in the Performance Space.

"We welcome anyone of all ages, genders, experience, education levels, cultural backgrounds working in art and technology to contribute to EF17 and to attend EF17. We are wanting to generate a new form of event inspired by co-creation and peer-to-peer networks."

EF2017 takes place at 107 Projects Redfern on 4 November.



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