5 Video Game Controllers To Inappropriately Make Music With

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You'll look pretty darn impressive rocking the Nintendo Power Glove on stage. You'll look pretty darn impressive rocking the Nintendo Power Glove on stage.

The original Futuresounds Adelaide/ EB Games fundraiser for the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia, SideQuest 64 returns with another huge party in Adelaide this weekend.

With old pals Retrospekt and JoyPad onboard as well as brand new friends Monotreme ADL throwing down the grooves, the event will feature 11 live acts, 2 stages, DJs, gaming console, a Smash Bros 64 tournament and gaming cocktails. Plus live visuals all night. Rad.

Ahead of the show, Futuresounds and Retrospekt share 5 video game controllers to inappropriately make music with. "We've all seen those videos of people controlling music with the Wii remotes.

"We like a bit more of a challenge. Futuresounds and Retrospekt present five controllers from the annals of gaming history for you to hack, repurpose and make beats with."*

1. Atari Jaguar control pad.

Pros: 17 buttons allow for lush, multi-layered synth pads with sympathetic harmonies. Cons: Not many people have 17 fingers.

Atari Jaguar

2. Sega Dreamcast fishing rod.

Pros: For when you really want to drop the bass. Cons: That joke doesn't work when you say it out loud.

Dreamcast Fishing

3. Atari 2600 joystick.

Pros: The original and the best. Cons: Only one button, so it's strictly monophonic.

Atari 2600 Joystick

4. Nintendo Power Glove.

Pros: You'll look pretty darn impressive rocking the Power Glove on stage. Cons: It's so bad.

Power Glove

5. Xbox Steel Battalion Controller.

Pros: Need to run Pro Tools, esoteric hardware and a modular rig all at once? This is your steed. Cons: Everything else.

Steel Battalion

*Disclaimer: throwing your PS4 controller at a wall during 'Dark Souls' is neither 'percussion' nor 'beatmaking'.

SideQuest 64 takes place at Crown & Sceptre Hotel (Adelaide) 28 April with Nakatomi, Hartway, DCE, Only Objects, Primary PA, Fugue State feat. CARZi, Demo DC, Karnaboy, Adorno, Groov Mekanik and The Gore Edition on the line-up.



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