An Evening With Amanda Palmer @ MELT Festival Review

  • Written by  Elodie Boal
  • Wednesday, 08 February 2017 10:35
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Amanda Palmer Amanda Palmer

Gracing the stage with her quirky presence, Amanda Palmer melted the hearts of her audience at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Paying tribute to her fearless period of change, ‘An Evening With Amanda Palmer’ captured an intimate look at the artist’s journey as a creative and her transition into motherhood. It’s hard not to adore this talented singer, songwriter, author and campaigner. She’s real, raw and unapologetic for her beliefs.

Unlike some musicians, Palmer has a no holds barred approach when it comes to speaking about life. This is evident in her message and lyrics, as she connects with fans and says all the things you wish you were strong enough to actually say.

Taking the stage alone, Palmer entered the space casually – saying goodnight to her son in a quick glimpse – as she readied herself for her upcoming gig. Even before she had begun performing, the crowd welcomed her with a heartfelt applause. It’s undeniable – she’s loved in Australia. Palmer was quick to reciprocate the feeling and even politically joked about Australia and America remaining friends in the turbulent and unsure times ahead.

The audience were not only treated to her hits on piano and ukulele, but she bantered back-and-forth as she talked about the ups-and-downs in her career, her musical inspirations, the loss of good friends, the joys of becoming a mother and her Patreon projects – a place where fans donate to support the production of new art.

Palmer is a solid musician. While performing some of her songs – like ‘Missed Me’ and ‘Coin Operated Boy’ – from her time in cabaret duo ‘The Dresden Dolls’, Palmer makes up for the lack of band by playing the piano with every ounce of her being. Her foot stamped the beat as a back-up drum and she slammed the piano keys all the way up to her elbow.

Her passion and love for her music is limitless and electric. This stripped back tour is filled with storytelling. Palmer navigates through her show on a whim, going impromptu whenever she feels like it (even mid song, if necessary).

Although the gig was over two hours on paper, time flew by, and it was clear that admiring fans still wanted more. One thing is for certain, audience members walked away feeling liberated and educated.

Palmer’s provocative and wildly creative solo cabaret was a joy to experience.



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