Youth Group Saddened By Ray Hadley's Hanson-Young Forever Young Parody

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Sydney rockers Youth Group are saddened by the co-opting of their song 'Forever Young' to parody Greens senator, Sarah Hanson-Young. They have issued a statement promoting "a respectful and inclusive Australia, not a divisive and disrespectful one".

Yesterday, talk-back host Ray Hadley called Hanson-Young "an embarrassment to the country" while speaking with Immigration Minister Peter Dutton on-air. He went on to play a parodied version of Youth Group's song 'Forever Young' before continuing "Sarah Hanson-Young is just the worst ever. She makes Bob Brown look kinda clever."

Acting Greens leader, Larissa Waters, has been accused of immediately reaching for the gender card in castigating Hadley after she said "...old white men in the media' don't understand women have a place in Parliament", in not making the connection between gender and Hadley's comments. Equally while Hadley was insulting Hanson-Young for her ability, he didn't clarify whether he was using the song's 'Young' theme to attack for her age or her name.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the song was first played on Hadley's show in February 2014 and has been played on air a number of times since. It is one of more than two dozen tracks in the 'Ray Hadley Parody Jukebox'. Clive Palmer, Jacqui Lambie and Kevin Rudd also feature in the list.

Youth Group's full statement reads:

A statement from Youth Group

Today we became aware of a parody version of ‘Forever Young’ denigrating Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. We wish to make the following clear:
 1.    This is not our version of the song being used and the music track is a re-recording.  
 2.    We do not endorse it.

The use of this version during Ray Hadley’s interview with Immigration Minister Peter Dutton on radio station 2GB yesterday does not reflect our view. That an individual has chosen to appropriate the song in such a way saddens us.

We’re honoured that our version has come to be held dear to many across Australia through it’s use in so many celebrations and commemorations of loved and lost ones, and in marking the passing of time at schools and social clubs across the country. We believe that it has come to mean something quite different, and diametrically opposed, to the ugliness that marks the parody version played by Ray Hadley. We hope that for the many people who have strong feelings about the song, and a place for it in their hearts about a time, place or person, that this ugliness won’t taint those memories.

For the record, we would like to express our support for Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young. We’re all for a respectful and inclusive Australia, not a divisive and disrespectful one.

Toby, Dan, Cameron, Patrick
Youth Group

We can only assume that Youth Group would have issued the same style of response had one of their songs been nicked for some good ol' fashioned Abbott hate. Right.



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