The Adventures Of Yoni 1 & Yoni 2 @ MELT Festival Review

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  • Saturday, 28 January 2017 10:44
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The Adventures Of Yoni 1 & Yoni 2 @ MELT Festival The Adventures Of Yoni 1 & Yoni 2 @ MELT Festival

Velour vagina onesies, what more could an audience ask for?

This is a wonderful, if slightly haphazard, show. It is an almost mute performance, with only a few words uttered towards the end.

There is, however, a hell of a lot of dance and story telling through music.

Using Bollywood as an inspiration, 'Yoni 1 & Yoni 2' tells the story of two lonely vaginas who meet at a concert, fall in love and try to get married. As this all happens in Australia, of course they can’t, and so they head overseas to tie the knot. It is a political statement, but told in the best of ways.

Did we mention the velour vagina onesies?

Some parts are a little confusing, such as the video montage of Australian politicians, and the whirlwind global tour. Some bits go on a little too long. But the whole thing is both enjoyable and elevated by not just the costumes, but the wonderful performances by both actors.

One actor is a terrific dancer, and you can see her dance training coming through. This is the main way she expresses herself, and she is captivating to watch.

Her partner, well, she’s a bit more of a loveable gumby. Her dorky dance moves are endearing, but it’s her facial expressions that really tell the story and steal the show. She provides an enormous amount of comedic relief, and helps the audience to connect with the dancing vajayjays.

It is a wonderful, kooky show that has the audience laughing along, and there are even a few tears at the wedding.

'Yoni 1 & Yoni 2' plays the Brisbane Powerhouse for one more show on 28 January.



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