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  • Monday, 22 February 2016 08:30
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Knee Deep Knee Deep © Sean Young

Okay, let’s get straight to the heart of the matter. Casus Circus’ 'Knee Deep' is nothing short of brilliant.

From the moment you spot the three trays of eggs on stage you know something weirdly strange and wonderful is about to happen.

And it does!

Redefining physical theatre and circus arts (along with the concept of ‘walking on eggshells’), Casus deliver a stunning, jaw-dropping and exquisitely sensuous and beautiful 60 minutes of entertainment - broken only by the spontaneous and rapturous applause of the audience.

Casus Circus have garnered five star reviews at Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringes, standing ovations across the UK, Europe and USA and were recently announced winner of the 2015 Best Circus Award at Avignon – which is entirely justified – given their immense talent.

The extraordinary athletic acts, lighting, choreography and the exquisite score combine to deliver a defining and memorable theatre experience. Now in its fourth year, 'Knee Deep' explores the boundaries of human strength and emotional fragility – with an egg a motif of their work.

While the Casus artists are superbly confident, they aren’t afraid to reveal their physical vulnerability. In the more challenging routines, the moves are slow, deliberate and assured. Bodies shake, muscles twitch and you get to share in the jilting pain of the performers. Despite the physical demands, the quartet look like they are enjoying every minute. They are truly engaged with the audience (and each other) and the confidence between provides a sense of humanity.

This is a show about relationships, trust and the fear of the unknown – with the performers propelling themselves through space with nothing but hope. Trust is everything. There is no safety net. Catch them at the first opportunity!



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