Zennith Release Their Inner Ancient Warrior On New Album

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  • Wednesday, 04 September 2019 19:56
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Zennith's new album, 'Ancient Warrior', will be released 11 October, 2019. Zennith's new album, 'Ancient Warrior', will be released 11 October, 2019.

With their latest single, 'I Like It', out now as well as an album on the way, Zennith are taking the no-holds barred approach when it comes to writing new music.

They're Australia's leading Indigenous roots-reggae band and have been producing music since their debut EP in 2007.

Staying true to their roots, 'I Like It' is song that rings true within the band's heart. Stemming from their father Willie's musical fame, brothers Astro and Aden Brim have been jamming together since they were young, in the family's music room at their rainforest home in Kuranda (FNQ).

“It's like a legacy from dad you know, like he was the first Indigenous Australian reggae songwriter and performer,” the group's rhythm guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and percussionist Astro Brim says.

'I Like It' was recorded with Jamaican singer-producer Jesse Royal. “'I Like It' is a fun song,” beams Astro.

“It's a song that we've been playing for a while. When we went to Jamaica, Jesse [Royal] already liked it so we got in the studio and did a remix sort of thing with it. It's a song we really like and it resonates with the audience, we've been growing it for a while.”

A major reason for their trip to Jamaica was to inspire their inner reggae selves; meeting Jesse was a large part of that process. “We linked up [with Jesse] when we went over there; it was a really good experience for me and Aden.

"Jesse had a listen and he really liked it. The producer was Clive Hunt [who has recorded with Jimmy Cliff, Steely & Clevie and The Rolling Stones] who has produced a lot of artists who we grew up listening to.

“It was a magical experience to meet him and to work with him. I didn't realise how many artists he produced that we grew up listening to. We really loved Jamaica and we connected with a lot of artists and made friends. We're looking forward to doing some more tracks and spending a bit more time on the next project.”

The band's forthcoming album, 'Ancient Warrior’, is set to be released in October through American reggae label Zojak World Wide, showcasing the group's ever-growing songwriting skills.

“All of our songs have their own, unique message and story. But some of them like 'I Like It’… it really is a happy song, it's got that groove and it's reggae, early disco, it's just a very lovely song. Aden's the main writer of it and it's based around seeing a girl and having fun and dancing around.”

Zennith is now preparing to hit the road with a run of to be announced shows to connect with their loyal, home-grown fans [Ed’s note: Zennith were added to the 2019 Island Vibe line-up on 4 September, 2019.].

“We were fortunate enough to play at Splendour In The Grass about a decade ago and Good Vibrations; we've played at Woodford quite a few times as well. We'd love to get back out there on it, onto the scene here again, and we're also really excited about travelling internationally.

“We're just getting ready now to do an Australian bit of a premiere, a tour to get it back out on the road, in a few smaller places and a couple of cities; going back to the places that we've visited before and staying in touch with the people and the next generation.”

'I Like It' is out now. 'Ancient Warrior' will be released 11 October. Zennith play Island Vibe Festival (SE QLD), which takes place 24-27 October.



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