Yazmindi Shares Her Ultimate Playlist While Sipping On Avocado Lattes

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Yazmindi is an indie roots-country artist. Yazmindi is an indie roots-country artist.

If you plan to spend your festive season sipping on avocado lattes, then indie roots-country artist Yazmindi has the perfect playlist to tune into.

The North Queensland born and raised musician who called Melbourne home for a short period from 2018 (now a Byron Bay resident), penned a heartfelt tribute to her FNQ homeland while working in a Melbourne cafe homesick that she titled 'Avocado Latte'.

"A love song for Far North Queensland. . . Raw and honest, a song straight from my heart, yet tongue in cheek teasers playing with Melbourne's city stereotypes," she says of her current single.

Yazmindi, who has played South By Southwest twice as well as performed at Woodford Folk Festival recorded 'Avocado Latte' with Mark Myers (The Middle East, Emma Louise), who produced and mixed the track.

"It was so special recording 'Avocado Latte' back home in North Queensland, surrounded by people I grew up with and love," Yazmindi says.

"I had always dreamed of producing music with Mark from growing up listening to his band's music, The Middle East.

"Everything felt natural and flowed smoothly in the studio and I had so much fun bringing the final version to life, exactly as I had envisioned it, in my head and my heart."

With 2022 shaping up to be a monumental year for Yazmindi – she is currently crowdfunding $10,000 (50 per cent) of the costs involved for the production of her debut album – here she shares a few tracks to soundtrack your next appointment with an avocado latte.

"Apart from playing my song 'Avocado Latte' first (obviously), I recommend these songs to get you in the mood from your first relaxed sip to your last buzzing sip."

Beth Orton - 'Thinking About Tomorrow'

Great song to play when you wake up doe-eyed with your morning coffee; really puts me in a relaxed, happy mood for the day and I love the cruisy carefree beat.

Sade - 'Cherish The Day'

Another gorgeous, gentle morning song – who doesn't love waking up with Sade? My favourite part is when the bass comes in after the chorus, it just melts me.

Dido - 'Thank You'

For those who are listening on a weekend with a hangover but still need to go to work, order an avocado latte (great superfood to help the head) and listen to Dido; you will get through the day I promise.

Erykah Badu - 'Appletree'

Okay we're four songs in, the caffeine is slowly kicking in and you're feeling a little buzz, Erykah will get you bopping wherever you're sippin' your coffee.

The Waifs - 'The Waitress'

One of the best Aussie bands ever. These lyrics suit the avo latte theme and storyline as I also worked as a waitress in a cafe in Melbourne when I wrote the song – plus they mention guacamole.

Talking Heads - 'This Must Be The Place'

About missing home and yearning to go back there, which fits into the theme of my song. I especially enjoy the first verse and I just love this band so much.

Bjork - 'Human Behaviour'

The caffeine has officially kicked in and is running through your veins, your feeling a little strange and restless. Bjork will be there to guide you through.

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - 'What I Am'

It's time to seize the day and be true to yourself, you know who you are so go out and get 'em.

Amyl And The Sniffers - 'Hertz'

I will never forget seeing these guys at a pub in Melbourne with our Cairns mates from Drunk Mums before they blew up. Definitely my favourite band to watch live as it's high energy – you're now pumped up on caffeine so get out there and chase the day. YEW!



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