Montaigne Will Represent Australia In Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Montaiigne will represent Australia at Eurovision 2020 Montaiigne will represent Australia at Eurovision 2020

Update: Jessica Alyssa Cerro, better known by her stage name Montaigne will represent Australia at Eurovision 2020.

Read our interview with Montaigne here.

The original article continues:

It all comes down to this: tonight Australia Decides which of these 10 artists will represent the Great Southern Land – in Rotterdam – in May.

Since the Eurovision entry eligibility rules changed, Aussie Eurovision tragics have had even more reason to follow the absolutely fabulous annual staple. Kate Miller-Heidke was last year's popular Aussie trailblazer with Zero Gravity, finishing in a creditable ninth postion. In 2018 Jessica Mauboy landed 20th, Isaiah Firebrace was 9th in 2017 but Dami Im really got the Aussie Euro party started with a heady second in 2016 with Sound Of Silence – ahead of ... Ukraine.

Yes, anyone can win Eurovision ... and anyone does except the Brits (well not this century, anyway). They finished cold last on two of the years in which the Aussies have patrticpated – and third last in 2018. That's what you get for Brexit.

They can console themselves, however, with the Eurovision universal language and also the legacy of the late, inimitable Sir Terry Wogan, the undisputed Eurovision commentating champ. Terry Wogan was adored for thirty years of light-hearted envelope and button pushing.

The 10 Australian Eurovision Song Contest Contenders

Jack Vidgen - I Am King, I Am Queen
Diana Rouvas - Can We Make Heaven
Jordan Ravi - Pushing Stars
Jaguar Jonze - Rabbit Hole (interview)
Casey Donovan - Proud (interview)
Vanessa Amorosi - Lessons Of Love (interview)
iOTA - Life
Mitch Tambo - Together
Montaigne - Don't Break Me (interview)
Didirri - Raw Stuff (interview)

The winner will represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 which is set to take place in Rotterdam, Netherlands, following the country's victory at the 2019.

Listen to All 10 Australian Eurovision Entries



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