Whisky Grinn Ain't Slowin' Down Ahead Of A US Tour

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  • Friday, 24 August 2018 15:43
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Whisky Grinn embark on their first US tour in October. Whisky Grinn embark on their first US tour in October.

With the upcoming release of their new single, a couple of Brisbane shows and a US tour, Brisbane rockers Whisky Grinn show no signs of slowing down.

Whisky Grinn's latest single 'Ain't Slowin' Down', sees the group experimenting with a blues-rock sound, while drifting away from their previous funk influences, and are ultimately working towards releasing an EP.

“This is one of the songs that we put together while jamming as an entire band,” the group's lead guitarist and vocalist, Zac Lynch says.

“We got lucky. We were in rehearsal one day and Brody had a really fresh, funky bassline and we just slapped it together as a rock & roll song.

“I was just playing the bassline,” adds bassist, Brody Lynch, “and Matt [Mackenzie] played a little jam on the drums around it and Zac played some awesome leads over the top and it turned into a verse.”

The band used this spontaneous melody as a tool to inspire the lyrics of the new single. “The music itself was pretty off the cuff,” Zac explains. “I already had a targeted idea of what I wanted the song to be about. The music was a trigger for it.

“With this EP that we're working on at the moment and the singles we're releasing, I had a concept in mind that I wanted to write about or at least a character whose mind I wanted to explore. The songs kind of all come from that.

“In the studio, we managed to work out some different things to add into it and make it more exciting. To be able to play the new version of it and to know it's going to be released is pretty bloody exciting.”

Whisky Grinn plan to release the song through a single launch in late August, playing alongside bands Headcage, Kalopitic and Cassowarys. Zac says the band is very excited. “It's going to be absolutely crazy. We tend to go pretty hard with our mates, the Cassowarys, whenever we get together.

“It's going to be a night of high energy, absolute chaos, lots of drinking and sweaty rock & roll.”

With a US tour on the horizon, Whisky Grinn have a double headlining farewell show, alongside Alaina, at Crowbar to celebrate. As the concept of being on the road proves to be a major influence, the group says they are very eager to set off on their journey.

“I'm really looking forward to just being able to wake up, hit a show, go again, hit a show and go again. I've always wanted to be on the road. That's half the reason we are into playing music,” Zac says.

“[America is] home of the blues and the type of music that we're most influenced and inspired by. We're really looking forward to Chicago.”

Whisky Grinn launch 'Ain't Slowin' Down' at The Milk Factory (Brisbane) 24 August. They also play Crowbar (Brisbane) 13 October.



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