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Slinky's new single is titled 'Crazy'. Slinky's new single is titled 'Crazy'.

Inspired by his own experiences with mental health, Australian singer-songwriter and producer, Slinky addresses social isolation during a global crisis with a new single, the dark synthpop of 'Crazy'.

"In terms of songwriting, I was reflecting on the state of the world and how we seem to be headed for further isolation and disconnection," Slinky says.

"Although it was written before the coronavirus broke globally, it has some eerie parallels. It touches on mental health because I felt it was important to talk about a subject matter that often feels uncomfortable to discuss.

"Music has an incredible way of opening you up to things you could never express normally. Ultimately the song carries a positive message – you're never alone when dealing with mental health issues because they're universal."

scenestr is stoked to premiere the accompanying music video for 'Crazy' today. Enjoy.

When it came to musical influences that helped shape 'Crazy', Slinky says: "Tame Impala definitely turned me on to more synth-based sounds, but after spending time in London I was drawn back to the guitar, so I wanted to blend the two. I tried put in a lot of R&B influences in there too, but still maintain a rock feel."

The genesis of writing the song, which Slinky recorded and produced in his bedroom in Sydney, began half a world away. "I was staying with some friends in London for a few months in 2019," begins Slinky.

"I played some shows in Europe and by the end of the trip I had run out of money. I couldn't afford to do anything, but stay in the apartment and write songs all day. I ended up with about 40 songs and 'Crazy' seemed to be a standout.

"It started out as a simple demo with just the chorus and a verse. Once I got back to Sydney I rewrote a lot of parts and recorded everything again, but the core of the song is still the same.

"The lyrics were written in Sydney once the instrumental was finalised. I kept rewriting them up until the last minute before I had to send it off to be mixed."

You can expect to hear more new music from Slinky in 2020.



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