WAM Song Of The Year 2024 Nominees

L-R top to bottom: RinRin, Grievous Bodily Calm, King Ibis, Joan And The Giants

Western Australia's annual premier songwriting competition, WAM's Song Of The Year yet again highlights the diverse, rich and incredible depth of local songwriters and artists with its 2024 nominees.

Judged by a panel of seasoned national and local industry professionals, who sifted through the 1,050 original songs that were entered, the 2024 nominees include former winners RinRin, fresh from supporting Americans Caskets, who lead the way with four nominations (Global, Heavy/Metal, Punk/Hardcore and Rock).

Other well-known nominees include and previous SOTY recipients are Joan and the Giants, Grievous Bodily Calm, and King Ibis (each with two nominations) as well as Siobhan Cotchin, Project BEXX, Kohesia, Gemma Farrell Quintet, and Boox Kid. Other artists with two nominations are Sgt. Hulka, Helen Townsend, Drea, Sophian, and Hey So Hungry.

"We are thrilled to present another year of Song Of The Year, a testament to the incredible songwriting talent we have here in WA," Executive Director, Livia Carre says. "The feedback from judges this year was unanimous: The songs submitted were of outstanding quality, making the scoring exceptionally tight.

"To have received a top 20 spot or nomination is an outstanding achievement, and you should all be very proud. Your dedication and creativity have truly elevated the standard of songwriting in our community.

"Thanks again to our presenting partner Act Belong Commit and to all our sponsors. Without you, we couldn't make this celebration of music and talent possible."

The 2024 Song Of The Year awards night returns to Freo.Social next month (19 June), where the winners will share $40,000 worth of prizes, and join the esteemed group of past winners including Stella Donnelly, Kučka, Little Birdy, Abbe May, The Waifs and South Summit.


'Beautiful Day' - Sophian
'Feelin' Fine' - Sgt. Hulka
'Friends' - Drea
'Harmony' - Rholea
'Laugh' - Sofia Gale


'Everything's Divine' - Finn Pearson Band
'Feelin Fine' - Sgt. Hulka
'Is This Love' - Helen Townsend
'Raised By Rivers' - Sash Seabourne
'Rhiannon Blues' - Simone Keane


'Do Or Die' - Mike Goodwin
'FIFO Song: Where I'm Not' - Rhys Wood
'Is This Love' - Helen Townsend
'Leave The Light On' - Codee-Lee & Ray Jones
'Rodeo' - Claudia Tripp


'Borderline Shrink' - Huey Brazadich
'Corrections' - Kaikobad
'Feet Pics' - Alannah Chapman, Calvin Bennett & Lightheart
'Spirals' - Grievous Bodily Calm
'Supreme' - Project Bexx


'A Light Scalping' - SNAW
'Conflagration' - Samarobryn
'Shining' - Mermaid Milk feat. Juliet
'Two Face' - UMBRA Trio
'What We Found Beneath The Earth' - Panamuna Triangle


'Crush' - Anna Schneider
'Narcissist' - Joan and the Giants
'River Song' - Angie Colman
'Second Thought' - Maya Ixchell
'The Miner' - Good News Now We Can Eat All The Vampires


'Au Paradis' - Carla D'amour
'Ganga Kaleidoscope' - Avra Banerjee
'Half Sun Half Moon' - Kohesia
'Tapos Na (So Done With)' - RinRin
'The Water' - Rochelle O'Reilly


'Black Rain' MAGE
'Miss Miserable' - RinRin
'Mortal & Divine' - Mayatrix & the Psychics
'Raindance' - Proclivity
'Whisper' - Ivory Dusk


'A Prayer' - Drea
'Blind Eye' - Madoc Plane
'Game Of Love' - Rein Mali feat CHISEKO
'Matter Of Time' - Elianie
'Reset' - Racka Chachi


'Dijon' - LUCI
'Forest' - Matt Smith Septet
'Huey Lewy' - Huey Brazadich
'Some Of The Nothings You Ain't' - Gemma Farrell Quintet
'Yawp!' - Grievous Bodily Calm


'Beneath My Feet' - jax mika
'Blow It Up' - BilyaBeats
'Don't Waste Time' - Boox Kid
'Follow The Music' - Phil Bartlett
'Forgotten Town' - JoKeria


'Dad Says I Need To Buy A TV' - Sunny Day
'Floating On Clouds' - BMP
'Holding On' - Charlie Youngson
'Sleeping' - Darcy Hay
'Living In A Tissue Box' - Lyd Loui and the Star Sailors


'Beautiful Day' - Sophian
'Favourite Part' - Jordan Anthony
'Nocturnal' - Hey So Hungry
'Patience' - King Ibis
'Wondering Why' - RubyHoo


'Condition Of The Mind' - Crosscheck
'Happening To Me - Helena.
'READY2GO' - Wesley Black
'Same Wave' - Levi James feat QB
'Tapos Na (So Done With)' - RinRin


'Born In The Wrong Time' - Joan and The Giants
'Cooling Embers' - King Ibis
'Give It Up' - Siobhan Cotchin
'Love You Later' - Beach Bleach
'Miss Miserable' - RinRin


'Daydreamer' - Izzy G
'Hide From Me' - Skye Colcott
'If I Was A Good Man' - Luka Babich
'The Only Thing (That Matters)' - Twelve Parsecs
'Tired' - Imogen Whyte


'Cassie' - Mariae Cassandra
'Ego Tripping' - Rosalie Chilvers
'Nocturnal' - Hey So Hungry
'Rescue Me' - Angelina Curtis
'Stayed Up' - SOUR

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