Video Tour Diaries: Aussie Band Papaya Tree Present 'Tourtuga' Series 2

Sydney band Papaya Tree have released season 2 of their 'Tourtuga' series. Sydney band Papaya Tree have released season 2 of their 'Tourtuga' series.

Sydney's 'regunkadellic folk-hop' sextet Papaya Tree, who recently released the delectable, indie-pop joy of 'Out In The Wash', are ready to unleash series 2 of their 'Tourtuga' video tour diaries.

"The series comes from the vision of content creator and personal friend of the band, Harry Scott, as a cinematic evolution of the quintessential Australian tour diary," Papaya Tree says.

"A good excuse for Harry to get a paid for holiday (often we'd hear "I'm not allowed to drive I'm making content" or "I can't cook tonight I might miss something"), but the trade-off is a collection of great memories, fantastic shots, and a reminder that we are just an awful bunch of mates."

The series begins with the band in Western Australia, with part one starting off at Nannup Music Festival and features a tour of the lads tent accommodation, onstage jams and riverside philosophy.

Episode two includes a wine and cheese side adventure at Settlers Tavern in Margaret River, a light sabre from the set of 'The Phantom Menace', acoustic backyard practice, and a 'Going Around The Twist' cover.

The final instalment begins with Australia's "most unorganised band' trying to source a drum kit on the Sunshine Coast. The band are "touring smarter, not harder" while one band member is 'sharing' another member's t-shirts. What time they leave for Sydney in the morning is all that's left to decide.

"Tourtuga is coined from the island Tortuga, known for being a lawless pirate land, and some things, especially in Byron Bay, this is a great reflection of what life on tour is like.

"We hope that people enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making this; who knew that these videos would be the last surviving footage of gigs not performed on Instagram."

Tourtuga episode one

Tourtuga episode two

Tourtuga episode three



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