Victorian Deaf And Disabled Musicians To Be Recognised By Arts Access Victoria Amplify Award

Music Victoria introduce Arts Access Victoria Amplify Award to shine a light on the contributions made by deaf and disabled musicians.
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A new award recognising the achievements of deaf and disabled Victorian musicians has being introduced as part of the Music Victoria Awards.

The inaugural Arts Access Victoria Amplify Award has being established to shine a light on the contributions made by deaf and disabled musicians.

"The Amplify Award has emerged out of recent engagement between the disabled music community and Music Victoria and responds directly to an identified need," Arts Access Victoria's CEO Caroline Bowditch says.

"We are delighted to back Music Victoria's leadership in this space, and to come on board as a financial sponsor. We can't wait to be bowled over with submissions."

The winner will receive $3,000 cash from Arts Access Victoria as well as a rehearsal package from Bakehouse Studios.

"I simply don't have the knowledge of who is active out there, and this is something that I am desperately wanting to change," Music Victoria's CEO Simone Schinkel says.

"I look forward to not just finding and rewarding a winner but seeing who this process uncovers and encourages.

"The Amplify Award by no way excludes deaf and disabled musicians from applying in all our other award categories, but it does recognise the significant and very real barriers that they face in our industry."

Submissions close at 11:59pm on 20 August. More information.

Eligibility Requirements:

• You must consider yourself a musician
• Solo musicians must identify as a deaf and/ or disabled person. Groups/ bands must be deaf and/ or disability-led (with creative control)
• You must have been active in the past 12 months (1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021) – this can include rehearsing, performing (live or online), writing, collaborating and/ or releasing music
• Solo musicians must reside in Victoria (residency of backing band is not considered). At least 50 per cent of the group/ band must have been living in Victoria for the last two years or use Victoria as a home base
• You must be a paid Music Victoria Member – deaf and disabled musicians can become a paid Essentials member for free with the code 'friends'
• Current Music Victoria and Arts Access Victoria employees are ineligible for this award

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