US Band Allah-Las Shower Australia With Ear Candy And Sky Noodles

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  • Friday, 14 February 2020 14:21
US band Allah-Las tour Australia February 2020. US band Allah-Las tour Australia February 2020.

California’s shimmering psych-folk, melody-makers Allah-Las will tour Australia during February.

As well as playing Nine Lives Festival in Brisbane, Allah-Las will make their way to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast with their latest album 'LAHS', their most thoughtful and evolved work to date. 'LAHS' embodies the essence of a breezy Los Angeles summer punctuated by surreal psychedelic meanderings.

Last here for their maiden voyage in 2017, Allah-Las return in 2020 to get a little more acquainted with their Aussie fans.

We have a chat with guitarist-vocalist Miles Michaud.

Have you been happy with the response to your latest album 'LAHS'?
[Miles] Yeah, it's been received pretty warmly by most we have heard from; still no Grammy buzz though!?

Allah-Las were last in Australia in 2017 – what are some of your favourite memories from that tour?
Getting to spend a few days in Byron Bay was great; surfing The Pass and Belongil; visiting a friend's farm above the bay, watching the giant bats cross the sky each evening.

Then in Sydney getting on a buddy's boat and cruising around the harbour, swimming to a beach for a bask in the sun while drinking VBs. Ready for more :)

What have been some of the major changes for the band since you were last in Australia?
We've started releasing the records of some bands from LA we love under the name Calico Discos: Tim Hill, Mapache and Maston, with more to come.

What can audiences expect from your upcoming tour?
Lots of ear candy and sky noodles.

Given some extra time while you're here, what would be your ideal Aussie adventure?
Would love to see the Great Barrier Reef. There was also some talk of getting down to play Hobart, but that unfortunately looks like it won't be happening, Tasmania seems like it is fun – we'll have to make that happen next time.

With a name like Allah-Las, do you have any trouble getting through airport security?
No, we never have. Why would we?

As the New Year gets well and truly underway, what do Allah-Las want to achieve in 2020?
We have our year pretty well mapped out so far with this tour, two in Europe and one in Asia, with some US shows peppered in between.

Hopefully we can find the time to start or maybe even finish recording a new record. We are teasing the idea of 'Covers 2', but we'll see what happens when the time comes.

The floor is yours; anything else you’d like to add?
We look forward to seeing you all down under, can't wait.

Allah-Las 2020 Tour Dates

19-20 Feb - Paddo RSL (Sydney)

Sat 22 Feb - Croxton Bandroom (Melbourne)

Sun 23 Feb - Mojos (Fremantle)
Tue 25 Feb - Rosemount Hotel (Perth)

Fri 28 Feb - Byron Bay Brewery

Sat 29 Feb - Miami Marketta (Gold Coast)

Sun 1 Mar - Nine Lives Festival @ The Tivoli Theatre (Brisbane)



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