Uone Specialises In Deep, Organic Vibrations

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  • Monday, 02 September 2019 13:40
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Interview with Melbourne EDM artist Uone. Interview with Melbourne EDM artist Uone.

Uone? You bet! That's right, lauded dance-floor filler and patron saint of subwoofers Uone makes his way to Elements Festival this year to take audiences on a sonic journey.

The Melbourne-based producer has developed a strong connection with outdoor festival audiences, having delivered sets at Rainbow Serpent and Subsonic in Australia as well as international engagements at Glastonbury, Burning Man and Boom Festival to name a few.

Before he thrills us at Elements Festival (SE QLD), Uone answers some questions about what he's been up to, new music and his own label, Beat & Path.

What's been keeping you busy so far this year?
I just got back from a six-week European tour literally this morning, where I performed at various festivals but was based in Berlin. The highlight was my debut in Turkey performing at Chill-Out Festival. Also, my debut album on Balance was recently released.

How would you describe the 'Uone sound' to new listeners?
Hippy, trippy, tribal, cowboy-western-style deep house with a ceremonial medicinal feeling.

What are you looking forward to most about performing at Elements Festival?
Opening up the stage on Friday and setting the vibe and feeling for the weekend ahead. I will do my best to produce a proper ceremonial opener for the people of Elements.

When you're not onstage, where would we find you?
Back at my HQ at Ranch-o-Relaxo, working in the studio on music and on events, tours and bookings with my Vision Hound business. Currently, it's all about CHI WOW WAH TOWN, a three-day camping, arts, music and cultural adventure [in Victoria] 1-3 November.

What sets a Uone live show apart from other producers of your ilk?
It's a combination of music and performance. My intention is to rock the dance floor and take listeners on an elevated or heightened journey.

Tell us more about the label you co-founded, Beat & Path?
From the shimmering shores of New Zealand’s electronic capital, to the world-renowned dance floors of Australia’s iconic Vision Hound and Chi Wow Wah Town events, label founders Uone and Out of Sorts have joined forces to bring you their spine-tingling record label, Beat & Path.

Beat & Path specialises in deep, organic vibrations with a signature electronic edge. From home grown, dusty desert twangs to inspiring sounds from throughout the world, the label aims to take you on its own unique journey through electronic soundscapes from an angle that you may have never seen. The intention is grow and nurture home-grown talent from NZ and Australia while cross-pollinating with reputable producers in the underground scene.

Who are some of the artists on the Beat & Path roster?
Out of Sorts, Moontide, The Oddness, Philosophia, Jamie Stevens, Thankyou City, Boy oh Boy, Caly Jandro, Oliver Koletski, Sabo, BONDI and SAAND plus many more.

You've played festivals all over the world – how do Australian dance crowds stack up against others around the world?
I always love playing to the Aussie crowd, always open to any twist or turn. Aussies party pretty hard compared to other dance floors, so energy is quite high.

Favourite and least favourite aspects of playing outdoor festivals?
Least favourite are the challenges with the environmental factors sometimes causing technical issues in delivering the show. Most favourite is the feeling when the dance floor, full of strangers, unites to become a homogeneous mass, dancing to a common beat.

Your plans for the rest of the year?
On the musical front, I have a brand-new EP coming out called 'Sands Of Time' on Australian Balance Music featuring stunning remixes from Clarian, David Hasert and Francesco Mami.

On the Beat & Path front, I have a remix of BONDI & SAAND's 'Mission Control; and following up in October featuring a new EP with Out of Sorts with a Kastis Torrau remix, who you can see at Elements. Finding a home for the new Uone and Western - The Lone Wranglers album. And then, of course, CHI WOW WAH TOWN 2019.

Uone plays Elements Festival, which takes place at Landcruiser Mountain Park (SE QLD) 18-20 October. CHI WOW WAH TOWN (VIC) takes place 1-3 November.


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