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Sydney rapper Unchained's new song is titled 'Blue Eyes' and features his mum rapping. Sydney rapper Unchained's new song is titled 'Blue Eyes' and features his mum rapping.

With a string of releases the past 12 months or so, hip hop artist Unchained is back with a new jam that features his mother.

Your new single, 'Blue Eyes', is dedicated to your mother; what was the first step taken to creating it?
The first step was acknowledging my mother's support throughout the chapters of my life. Then it was about finding the appropriate beat and writing the lyrics.

Your mum also features on the track singing; that must be a super proud moment?
My mother, Marlene, was super proud and happy to come to the music studio and be part of a mother and son moment. For a few years my mother didn’t support my music, so it’s great to have her support again.

And can we expect your mum on future Unchained jams?
For now, this song 'Blue Eyes' is the main one. Although my mother is 74 and raps. I think it’s great and good to have a laugh. My mother would like me to make music with live instrumentation and meaningful lyrics with messages about powerful topics.

The piano on the track; is that you or did you bring in a pianist?
The piano was played by Sydney music producer RJ of That Funky Alien production located in Dubai. Although I do play keyboard and produce at times, I have just been focusing on the business side of things and writing new music.

Is there a significance to the title 'Blue Eyes'?
The significance is I have blue eyes. My mother always nicknamed me 'blue eyes' as a child. 'Blue Eyes' is a song about things I have experienced or seen with my blue eyes.

What else do you have cooking in the Unchained artistic kitchen? Any other releases planned this year?
I have a new song with Australian hip hop art NJE titled 'Pay Attention'. I’m also working on a new collaboration with Italian singer Nica. I’m also about to do a collaboration with US cross-genre artist Brad Urba.

To a stranger, how would you describe your sound?
My sound is unique; diverse sounds and styles with the versatility of various genres and elements.

When and where in the world do you feel the most 'unchained'?
I feel free and 'unchained' in Sydney, Australia, my home city; and when I'm in the music studio or onstage. I feel 'unchained' when people message me on social media supporting my music or liking my lyrics, or feeling my music at a live performance.

Most surreal moment of your career to date?
That was meeting and performing with LL Cool J and making the 'Blue Eyes' song in the studio with my mother.

What is something you always recommend visitors coming to Australia to do?
Definitely check out the live talent in Australia and also to try kangaroo or traditional Australian food.

Any live shows planned?
I’m currently finishing my album titled 'Out Of Darkness', so a tour is on the horizon.

And any other artist signings in the works?
Outside of my own solo projects, I established my own indie record label Unchained Entertainment. I have singers and rappers in Sydney and Australia keen to do business and showcases with Unchained Entertainment such as rapper NJE and singers Adrenalina, Paula Terry, Shirina Holmatova, Faith Brown and Kidd Gang.

'Blue Eyes' is available now.



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