Umbrella Closing Party: Connecting All Of South Australia

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The official Umbrella Closing Party is the perfect finale to Adelaide's winter celebration of live, local music. The official Umbrella Closing Party is the perfect finale to Adelaide's winter celebration of live, local music.

Event organiser Lucas Horta, from Light TV, admits all music goers in Adelaide have likely attended many a gig at the Cranker Bandroom.

Though the Umbrella Closing Party is promising an all-new experience entirely, with the space to be transformed by combining with both the Chateau Apollo and Roxies, spreading the event across the entire block.

“There’ll be doors connecting each venue, allowing free-flowing movement throughout the space,” Lucas explains. “The area’s been used in this capacity before, and it’s been really successful in the past.”

The enormous area combines to house a massive capacity of 1,000 people, plus the multitude of venues allows multiple artists to perform at once, ideally catering to the musical tastes of all attendees.

“We combined our artist wish lists, and have managed to secure some awesome, local acts. Genres will range from classic rock, all the way to techno, house, DJs, experimental, and everything in between. There’s going to be a very broad range of music, truly something for everybody.”

Line-up aside, the Umbrella Closing Party has been planned with one core focus in mind – encouraging diversity.

“A lot of the smaller festivals in Adelaide tend not to showcase a balanced range of acts. Too often we see line-ups made up of male headliners, and we wanted to take a positive step towards changing this. That’s why, while sourcing artists, we’ve tried to include a fair representation of female and queer musicians as well, from right across South Australia.”

Lucas hopes the event will be a safe and inclusive space for everyone and anyone, bringing together all individuals, no matter their gender, background, or musical preferences.

“We’re even hoping to rally some friends of ours to get on board and contribute artwork to be hung across the block party. We’d love to turn the space into something different – a totally different experience from what people in Adelaide are used to. Spice it up a bit, you know?

"It’s true – everyone here has probably been to these venues in the past. But we’re really going to try to change up the experience."

“We’ve locked in some amazing artists, who’ll be performing a huge variety of music to what we hope will be an enormous crowd. This party will be awesome, it’ll be wholesome, and it’ll be a stellar showcase of South Australia.

“Plus, it’s a free event. So why WOULDN’T you come along?”

The Umbrella Closing Party takes place at Chateau Apollo, Roxies and Cranker Bandroom (Adelaide) on 28 July.



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