Tina Arena Is Celebrating 40 Years In The Music Industry With A National Tour

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Tina Arena is an iconic part of Australia’s musical history and with the release of her latest album, she looks set to continue into its future too.

Forty years in any industry is impressive, not only for the duration of time but for the tenacity, determination, patience and skills required. It’s even more noteworthy when that industry is show business, a notoriously fickle world that chews artists up and spits them out faster than the public can keep up.

To highlight Tina's longevity, she appeared alongside Client Liaison at Splendour In The Grass for a number of songs, including her classic hit 'Sorrento Moon'.


@clientliaison x @tinaarena by the sweet Sorrento moon #SITG2017

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To celebrate this momentous milestone and incredible achievement, Tina has created a double album, 'Greatest Hits & Interpretations' ahead of a massive national tour that includes a keynote address at BIGSOUND in Brisbane.

How does it feel to be releasing an album full of songs from a 40-year career?
[Tina] It feels amazing. I feel very fortunate to still be making original albums and that other artists are collaborating and covering my music.

Did you expect your career to go the way it did? Was it planned out strategically or was every twist and turn unexpected?
It wasn’t really strategised; there’s been ups and downs but I’ve survived four decades, immense changes and I’m really proud of that.

Putting this album together must have felt like walking down memory lane; is there anything you wish you could change about your past?
I’m not sure I’d change things as that would alter the course of where I am now and I feel pretty good about where I am now.

What else is there to achieve in a career sense?
Any dreams that are still to be realised or goals to kicked? Loads. I want to do more acting: film, TV and theatre, more charity work. So much more creatively that I’d like to explore.

How did you choose which artists to collaborate with on 'Reimagine'?
I worked with my instincts and my manager and we chose people we thought were diverse and interesting and talented and unexpected.

How did the song choice work? Did the artists pick their song or did you offer suggestions?
They got to chose whatever songs they wanted. We stayed out of the creative process. There was a big star who wanted 'Sorrento Moon' but it was already chosen by Dannii Minogue – also a big star and great talent. So the other artist didn't end up being on the album. Other than that situation, there were no double-ups.

Best advice you’ve ever received and from who?
Stay true to yourself, be honest and work hard. Oh and spend your money wisely, real estate is good. LOL from my Italian mother.

You're headed to Brisbane to be part of BIGSOUND... looking forward to the conference and hanging out with the music industry?
Very much so. I wanted to do it last year when I was invited, but my schedule didn't allow it. I’m sure the keynote speech will be a bit nerve-wracking but after 40 years in the business I think I have some advice to contribute. It’s an honour to be the first female to give a KEYNOTE too (about bloody time guys!!!).

What is your favourite aspect of singing?
Feeling free and connecting with the audiences, moving people. Any other hidden talents or passions? I love writing songs. I think I’m a pretty good cook. I’m a good talker. Maybe diplomacy work. If only there was a few more hours in the day.

Tina Arena Shows

Wed 6 Sep - The Tivoli Theatre (Brisbane)
Fri 8 Sep - The Tivoli Theatre (Brisbane)
Sat 9 Sep - The Star Gold Coast
Sun 10 Sep - Empire Theatre (Toowoomba)
Tue 12 Sep - Civic Theatre (Newcastle)
Wed 13 Sep - Ulumbarra Theatre (Bendigo)
15-16 Sep - Plenary (Melbourne)
Sun 17 Sep - Costa Hall, Deakin University Waterfront, (Geelong)
Fri 22 Sep - WIN Entertainment Centre Theatre (Wollongong)
Sat 23 Sep - ICC Sydney Theatre
Sun 24 Sep - Canberra Theatre
Tue 26 Sep - Princess Theatre (Launceston)
Wed 27 Sep - Theatre Royal (Hobart)
Thu 5 Oct - Thebarton Theatre (Adelaide)
Fri 6 Oct - Crown Theatre (Perth)



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