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Tim Healey
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Prolific Brighton DJ / producer Tim Healey is set to grace Australian shores next month for electronic music festival Rainbow Serpent.

Your music is played extensively across the UK and US. What is it that makes your music stand out from other producers?
I guess you could say I've stuck to my guns: I play the more rock & roll end of sleazy rave music. I have always loved music — all kinds, all genres — and that keeps fresh. I'm also a sucker for a juicy remix of a pop tune or rock classic.

Your new compilation album, Kick Out The Jams 1.0, includes tracks spanning from dubstep to techno. Do you prefer to flip between genres when playing?
I guess I play what people call electro house, with dubstep sensibilities. But you're just as likely to get a slab of pumping techno if it’s good enough, or a bit of ‘80s rap for a body-popping moment.

Growing up in Brighton, you must have been exposed to a lot of music from a young age.
I actually grew up all over the world, and my parent’s music taste included James Last and Boney M. I was living in London when I began to DJ all over the world, but you're right, there's loads of music scenes in Brighton — in fact all creative expression is really well represented here. I’ve worked in the music industry since 1990, so sure, I've seen some awesome gigs. Jane's Addiction in 1990 was pretty seminal.

I used to work at a jazz radio station in London and met a who's who of jazz maestros from Ella Fitzgerald to Carlos Santana via Sun Ra — they were all pretty cool cats. I had some seminal festival experiences around that time, and I also booked Primal Scream and The Orb in 1990 to play for me at events I organised back then... Crazy times.

You've been touring the globe for over 20 years; what's your most memorable gig?
Hard one to answer. So many good times, so many cool places. Fuji Rock, Japan? Burning Man, Nevada Desert, USA? Rio NYE 2008/9 on the beach, one million present? Or was it the tiny club I played in Brussels last year which was rocking, or the private party at a mate’s house a few months back — they all have their place.

Tim Healey is one of many international acts headlining Rainbow Serpent in Lexton (VIC) from January 25-28.

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