Tia Gostelow Headlines Inaugural Torch Fest

Tia Gostelow headlines the inaugural Torch Fest, to be staged in Brisbane. Tia Gostelow headlines the inaugural Torch Fest, to be staged in Brisbane.

The inaugural Torch Fest will arrive in Brisbane at West End's West Room 10 April, for a day-long celebration of damn-fine independent music while shining a light on mental health.

As COVID continues to create an unsettling work environment for the vast majority of the music industry, Torch Fest is another opportunity to continue having conversations about about mental health and removing the unfair stigma that is often associated with talking openly about general well-being.

Torch Fest is also a day to enjoy the fun and celebrate seeing live music in the flesh, and event organisers have collected a group of emerging indie champions headlined by Tia Gostelow, who recently released her sophomore record 'Chrysalis'.

Tia will be joined by pop, R&B artist DOOLIE, indie singer-songwriter ELEEA, blues-roots musician Jordan Merrick, and indie-pop folk artist Leonie Kingdom, and a host more. Scroll down for the complete line-up.

"Torch Fest has been an idea that I have had for some time now," co-founder of Listen Up Music, Ali Taylor says, "and it feels right to be launching it at a time when connection and community are so very important.

"COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on communities all across the country, and the idea of music being something to get you through, coupled with the huge importance to artists of being able to perform live, it's a no brainer."

Through its music-focused events and education, Listen Up Music's vision is to empower every music industry professional to develop and maintain positive mental health.

Torch Fest will also see each act perform a 'Torch Song' as part of their set, with each member of the audience receiving a battery-powered torch that they'll switch on during these moments to create a special atmosphere.

2021 Torch Fest takes place at West Room (Brisbane) 10 April. Tickets available now.

Torch Fest 2021 Line-up

Tia Gostelow
Jordan Merrick
Leonie Kingdom
Ella Fence
Emma Beau
Freight Train Foxes
Hello Jane
Kate Gill



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