This Space Is Ours: Behind The Scenes Photo Diary Of The Recording Of Their New Single 'All The Things I've Been Avoiding'

This Space Is Ours are an alternative rock band from Melbourne.
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Naarm-Melbourne emo, alt-rock quintet This Space Is Ours have gone down a softer, emotionally-driven path with their new single 'All The Things We've Been Avoiding'.

The third song the group have released in 2023 – following 'My Name' and 'Apology' – 'All The Things I've Been Avoiding' was recorded with producer Beau Mckee (Earth Caller, Between You And Me) – one of five songs the band have collaborated with McKee including 'My Name' and 'Apology'.

"The lyrics are written about mental-health struggles and the gruelling path to getting better; when you've come to terms with there being something wrong, but only just begun the journey to fix it," the group's vocalist Gemma Dunsmore says.

"Overtime, the personal meaning of this song has transformed for me. When I first wrote it, it was almost an apology, as if to say, 'I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm trying'.

"I've since been diagnosed with being on the Autism spectrum, and now when I sing it, it feels more like I'm saying something along the lines of, 'there is nothing wrong with me, this is who I am and I'm still learning about myself'."

This Space Is Ours have released a music video to accompany 'All The Things We've Been Avoiding', which was directed by Matt Bird (Bliss N Eso, People Under The Stairs).

The band have also shared some behind the scenes photos detailing the creative process of 'All The Things We've Been Avoiding'.

Van's setup, recording drums for all five singles we recorded with Beau McKee.

Van Setup

The desk setup at Pony Music where we recorded drums.

Pony Music

Whoops! Broken stick from banging it out too hard.

Broken Stick

Mark's turn and unfortunately this is the only image we have and it's the worst photo ever – who turned all the lights off?

Mark Turn

Harry's turn, coming in with the bass.

Gemma Vocals

Gemma coming in with the vocals – flashback to the days of the red hair!

Gemma Vocals

The legend Beau McKee at work!

Beau McKee

A naughty Maccas break – vocal health is important, but so is Gemma's love of fast food.

Maccas Break

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