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Thee Oh Sees
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Charismatic San Francisco rockers Thee Oh Sees have developed quite a fancy for Australia, having become regular visitors to our great land. Bassist/ guitarist Petey Dammit explains why that is, in his enigmatic manner.

“Australia itself is just a great place with an amazing attitude. It has its similarities to America, but it’s also different enough. It’s one of those things – like when you get really drunk at night and you wake up the next day and you’re super hungover and still a little bit drunk and everything’s still the same but it’s a little bit weird – that’s kind of what it’s like being in Australia.”

It’s said that, for a true connection to be made between two beings, one must see its lover’s best and worst sides. That’s definitely the case for Thee Oh Sees, having been forced to abandon their Brisbane show in 2011 due to the city being flooded, much to their dismay. But despite that bit of bad luck, their unwavering adoration of the country has inspired yet another tour Down Under in 2013 – their fourth in five years.

“I’m really, really excited. I’m actually going to come out a week early, before everyone else, just so I can hang out in Melbourne and see friends.”

He'll probably catch a few Australian bands during his down time, because it's not just our country that Petey loves, but also the music being produced within it.

“It’s just got so much good stuff going on right now. There are amazing bands that are just hammering out all these amazing songs; it’s just incredible,” he says.

“Maybe I’m just jaded from some of the stuff that’s happening here, in The States – most of the stuff that’s happening here in The States right now is very safe, and I don’t want to call it bland but it kind of doesn’t have any balls or edge to it. But I’ve found with a lot of Australian music I’ve been hearing recently there’s still that edge to stuff, and that’s what impresses me about it.”

In a city like San Francisco – so populated with quality bands – it takes something exceptional to set one band apart from the next. Petey says he has “no idea” what that might be in Thee Oh Sees’ case, but surely the reputation they’ve developed as an incredibly energetic, charismatic live band has something to do with their following.

“We just kind of try to give it everything we’ve got, because it’s a lot more entertaining for everyone. It’s a lot more entertaining for me, personally, getting really excited and having a really great time up there and I hope that if I’m having a good time that’ll help other people have a good time too.

“I’ve definitely seen bands that I love on record, and then when you go and see them live they just kind of stand there, and even as excited as you are to hear the songs being played live by the band, you get distracted too easy or you’re like ‘I’m going to go get a beer’ or something like that – you really don’t pay attention to it as much as you could be if they were going crazy too. I hope that if I’m having fun other people will have fun too.”

Front man John Dwyer’s crazy antics and Petey’s signature headbanging style lead the way, followed by enthusiastic keyboardist/co-vocalist Brigid Dawson and drummer Mike Shoun. You can be sure the bands concoction of punk, garage and psychedelic rock, paired with their typically lively onstage presence, will make for an exciting Australian tour in 2013.

“You can expect a lot of fun,” he says. Trust us, it's an understatement.

Thee Oh Sees Tour Dates

Sat Feb 2 — The Bakery Artrage Complex (Perth)
Mon Feb 11 — Transit Bar (Canberra)
Thu Feb 14 — The Zoo (Brisbane)
Sat Feb 16 — All Tomorrows Parties @ Westgate Entertainment Centre (Melbourne)

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