The War And Treaty Share Their Life And Love At 2020 Bluesfest

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  • Friday, 18 October 2019 11:35
The War And Treaty return to Australia to play 2020 Bluesfest Byron Bay. The War And Treaty return to Australia to play 2020 Bluesfest Byron Bay.
Update - 20 May, 2020: The War And Treaty reschedule their 2020 cancelled tour to 2021; scroll down for new dates.

Menelaus had Helen of Troy and Romeo his Juliet, but in the history of great lovers few may compare to Michael and Tanya Trotter, the husband-and-wife duo of The War And Treaty.

“We really do have a great connection; we talk about it all the time,” Michael says.

“It trips us out, honestly, that we are two human beings from two completely different paths but we feel so connected and we feel like we've known each other before and forever.”

As The War And Treaty, Michael and Tanya have truly captured the hearts of audiences around the world with their rich blend of R&B, soul, gospel and country, not to mention their irrepressible love for one another.

“The very first time I heard Tanya sing live and in person was so euphoric, it was so enlightening; it was like an awakening inside of me, and she quickly became my favourite singer,” Michael recounts.

“I'd met her and then I had a chance to not only love her but to be loved by her, and her love sings louder than any note she can sing from her vocal cords. That's what makes what she does special.”

Next year, The War And Treaty return to Australia for the second time to perform at Byron Bay Bluesfest. “I can tell you, as if I didn't get enough butterflies before, I definitely have them now,” Michael says.

“Butterflies in the belly because Australia is a wonderful place. It is one of the greatest places we have in our world and the culture of humanity.

"To be able to go to Australia and be able to partake in everything that the Australians have to offer is unique. I would advise everyone, if this is your first time getting a taste of Australian culture, Bluesfest is not a bad place to begin.”

It was at their Bluesfest debut in April this year that Michael and Tanya had their first real taste of Australia and Australian music courtesy of two of our biggest acts. “We had a blast and learnt so much about the culture of music in Australia, and to learn about it from two giants in the music community – Tommy Emmanuel and also the great and powerful Kasey Chambers,” Michael says.

“To have Kasey invite us onstage to sing and to hear the crowd and see the crowd come to our shows was just something you couldn't script. It was so magical. I'm eager to get back because this time we'll be able to go and do shows outside of Bluesfest.”

The path trod by Michael and Tanya to be where they are now has been long and not without its own troubles, but the journey that lies before them holds no fear for Michael as long as Tanya is by his side.

“You know, I don't know what the future holds but I do know this: wherever it is, wherever we are led next is where we're supposed to be, and we're very content with that,” he says.

“As long as I got that girl with me and she got me with her, we're A-alright [sic].”

The War And Treaty play Byron Bay Bluesfest, which takes place 9-13 April 2020.

The War And Treaty 2021 Tour Dates

Thu 8 Apr - Melbourne Recital Centre
Fri 9 Apr - Meeniyan Town Hall (Gippsland)



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