The Voice 2021 Winner Bella Taylor Smith Releases New Single 'Nice To Know Ya'

Bella Taylor Smith's new single is titled 'Nice To Know Ya'.
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Fresh off winning 'The Voice Australia' 2021 crown, vocal powerhouse Bella Taylor Smith has released her delicate and sincere new single 'Nice To Know Ya'.

A song co-written with her 'love' Josh Cole – who also co-produced the track with Scott Horscroft at The Grove Studios – 'Nice To Know Ya' is about those moments we endure when someone we love breaks our trust.

"We all process broken trust differently. Whether it's between family, friends or romantic partners – each of us are likely to respond in our own unique way," Bella says.

"'Nice To Know Ya' explores differing journeys/ choices the listener may face in deciding the best way forward from that moment of broken trust.

"If you want to continue to make something work knowing it won't be easy, or if you want to turn around and say 'nice to know ya', no choice is bad, it's just what's right for you."

Bella was voted the winner of 'The Voice Australia' for her performance of 'Never Enough' from the film 'The Greatest Showman', charming audiences across the nation.

"I really hope this song allows you a safe place to process your feelings and come to a conclusion or reconciliation that is best for you," Bella adds, "that you can walk through the relationships in your life with confidence, knowing you are loved and valuable no matter your relationship status or how others treat you. You've got this!"

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