The Meanies 2019 Australia Tour

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The Meanies are on tour this November. The Meanies are on tour this November.

Australian punk titans The Meanies mark 30 years of recklessness, broken bones, excessive boozing and busted eardrums with a huge national tour this November.

The tour will also help celebrate 25 years since the release of their seminal album '10% Weird'. Joining The Meanies on tour (at select shows) will be Tumbleweed, Civic, Glitoris and Dicklord.

It was May 1989 when The Meanies first moved their music out of their rehearsal space and onto the stage, and fast became notorious as the most unruly and savage punk act the country had seen.

Countless live shows saw the band cultivate a formidable local following and play with a veritable stack of international heavyweights, like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Bad Brains and Beastie Boys, to name a few.

Five years later and '10% Weird' belted through the punk-rock stratosphere and into the laps of punk fans across the country. The LP has long been regarded as the band’s magnum opus, an album symbolic of Melbourne’s chaotic beer-drenched punk-rock scene of the time and a record cited by countless bands as a major influence.

Tickets on sale now, click here for more details.

The Meanies 2019 Tour Dates

Tue 5 Nov - The Corner Hotel (Melbourne)
Fri 8 Nov - Theatre Royal (Melbourne)
Sat 9 Nov - River Rocks (Geelong)
Sun 10 Nov - River Rocks Rehab (Geelong)
Fri 15 Nov - Caringbah Inn Hotel (Sydney)
Sat 16 Nov - Paddo RSL (Sydney)
Fri 22 Nov - Jive (Adelaide)
Sat 23 Nov - Rosemount Hotel (Perth)
Sun 24 Nov - Indian Ocean Hotel (Scarborough)
Sat 30 Nov - Valley Drive-In (Brisbane)


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