The Hundy Pers: Laidback Vibes & Cruisy Guitar Riffs At Australian Music Week

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  • Tuesday, 23 October 2018 16:53
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The Hundy Pers will showcase at 2018 Australian Music Week in Sydney. The Hundy Pers will showcase at 2018 Australian Music Week in Sydney.

Hailing from Sydney's southern beaches comes The Hundy Pers, a four-piece indie band featuring friends who write dreamy surf songs about summer parties, growing up, pretty girls and classic break-ups.

Comprised of Lachie Howe, Blake Logan, James Lambert and James Chapman, The Hundy Pers are building a sturdy following with their laidback vibes and cruisy guitar riffs.

The band released their most recent single, 'Wondering', this past winter and will be performing as part of the live showcase at Australian Music Week in November.

Firstly, what the heck is a Hundy Per?
Haha, well 'Hundy Per' is just short for 100 per cent.

Can you give us a quick background on the band and how you came together?
We kinda got together and jammed around mid 2017 through one of the boys who used to be in the band. We have had a couple of line-up changes since the start of the band. We played a bunch of shows last year and went into the studio with George Georgiadis at Cooper Lane Studio and recorded two singles: 'Good Ol’ Times' and 'Wondering'.

Your most recent single is 'Wondering' from back in June; what have you guys been working on since?
Yeah, we are going in to record a new single in the next month. Hopefully that will be out by the end of the year; then get an EP finished some time next year.

How are you guys feeling about your show at Australian Music Week (AMW)?
Very excited. We played last year and had an awesome time; can’t wait to rip in again this year.

How are you preparing for that show?
Rehearsing a lot and drinking beers.

Do you approach performances like this any differently to a standard club or theatre show?
We don’t change too much, maybe a few more rehearsals than normal.

What do you have planned for AMW, and what can audiences there expect?
We have a couple of new little things in our set we’re doing as well as a couple of new songs.

Why are events such as AMW so important to indie bands like The Hundy Pers?
Well, it gives us the opportunity to play to industry people and you never know who is watching.

Are there any speakers/ workshops/ other events at the conference you're keen to check out?
Yeah, we wish we could attend them all. But the The Power Of Radio and the Media and Marketing Masterclass conferences are some of ones we’ll definitely be at.

When will The Hundy Pers be putting out an EP or album?
We’re aiming to release an EP mid next year. One of our goals for next year along with doing a lot more touring.

Where else can audiences see/ hear you play live over the next few months?
We haven’t got too much set up at the moment, but we’ll be playing a couple of shows in support of our new single. So stay tuned.

The Hundy Pers perform as part of Australian Music Week (Sydney) 7-11 November.



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