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Popular Irish rockers The Coronas are returning down under to entertain their army of expat fans as well as local admirers.

With the band returning with their fifth album, 'Trust The Wire', earlier this year the four-piece are fresh off a European tour and ready to tour our “beautiful country” once again.

Singer Danny O'Reilly was lovely enough to answer a few questions.

ow was the European tour you recently completed?
[Danny] Amazing! It was nice to go back to some cities and see that our crowds are getting bigger each time. The gigs were great fun and it was great to visit some cool cities.

Life on the road. Do you like to keep things loose among the band/ tour crew?
We enjoy a drink on the road, although not as much as we used to. We play a bit of PlayStation when we're travelling on the bus. We've very lucky that we get on really well in the band and crew, so that makes travelling easier.

You released your newest studio album earlier this year; how has material from 'Trust The Wire' been received by fans at shows?
Really well. It's so nice to be out playing the new songs and hearing the reaction back from the people at the shows. It's a nice feeling when the crowds want to hear the new stuff.

At this stage of the album cycle, are you still enjoying performing the 'Trust The Wire' catalogue?
Yeah, they're still the most recent songs so we probably enjoy playing them the most. Especially as people are starting to sing the lyrics back for the first time.

We've been adjusting the set list as well and throwing in some random, old songs from our first album as well.

Have you started work on the next studio album?
Not really. I've written a few bits, but we've been too busy with the album release and touring it. Maybe next year it will begin to come together; we tend not to rush our albums.

The band is headed to Australia, again; despite the distance, how enjoyable do you find the tours to Australia?
Great. Every time we've made it out there we've gotten a really good reaction. It's a beautiful country and we have some mates from school living there, so it's always nice to catch up with them.

Craziest interaction you've had with a fan of the band?
Our bass player Knoxy had a lock of his hair chopped off by a fan at a signing. That was pretty scary for him! And hilarious to the rest of us.

Do you have a favourite memory from previous trips to Australia?
Loads but our last gig at The Corner in Melbourne was really cool, and we had a great night out after.

You have a loyal fan base here in Oz; that must be comforting to know the band's appeal reaches so far?
Yeah, it's great. That's the great thing about releasing music at the moment. You can get to every corner of the world instantly. We're so excited about getting back to Oz.

Does each band member have a lifetime's supply of Coronas?
Haha no!

After making the World Cup European play-offs, are you confident the Irish football team will make Russia 2018?
I'm optimistic. We always tend to perform on the big occasion, fingers crossed we'll be there in Russia.

The Coronas Tour Dates

Wed 22 Nov - Finn McCools (Brisbane)
Fri 24 Nov - Manning Bar (Sydney)
Sat 25 Nov - Metropolis (Perth)
Sun 26 Nov - The Corner (Melbourne)



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