The Church @ 170 Russell Review

The Church at 170 Russell, Melbourne, 10 July 2015

Australian progressive rock/ psychedelic/ alternative band, The Church, have been

celebrating 35 years of music creation during their current Australian tour, Further Deeper & The Blurred Crusade.

As the title suggests, The Church separated the night into two sets (three if you include the encore). The first half of the night featured the always entrancing 'Blurred Crusade' album followed by their 'Further Deeper' album, which was their 25th studio album.

Click here for photos from the show.

There was a distinct sound change between the two sets, however the lighting stayed dull and dark while the full-house at Melbourne’s 170 Russell (10 July) maintained their position as if they were hemmed in by the unique sounds of this captivating live band.

Ian Haug - Image © Carl Neumann

Ex-Powderfinger guitarist, Ian Haug, looked comfortable on stage with his naturally huge presence beaming outward, while old-timers/ founders, Steve Kilbey and Peter Koppes, flawlessly echoed their hard-earned craft.

Peter Koppes - Image © Carl Neumann

The crowd favourite was the '88 smash hit 'Under The Milky Way', and was greeted accordingly. While 'The Disillusionist' was a riveting piece of live musical poetry.

A surprise number, which slotted squarely in the evening set, was the Powderfinger cover 'Waiting For The Sun'.

Image © Carl Neumann

If you are lucky enough to be in the Western Australia region of Australia then get yourself to one (or two, or three) of their final Australian gigs this weekend and experience the lush, rock sounds of the legendary The Church.

First Set - The Blurred Crusade

Almost With You
When You Were Mine
Fields Of Mars
An Interlude
Secret Corners
Just For You
A Fire Burns
To Be In Your Eyes
You Took
Don't Look Back
Life Speeds Up

Second Set - Further Deeper

Vanishing Man
Toy Head
Laurel Canyon
The Disillusionist
Love Philtre
Lightning White
Under The Milky Way


Day 5
Waiting For The Sun (Powderfinger cover)

Click here for photos from the show.

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