Terra Grimard Expands Her Horizons As She Releases More Music From Her Forthcoming New Album

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Terra Grimard's newest single is titled 'Horizons'. Terra Grimard's newest single is titled 'Horizons'.

Canadian born, northern Queensland adopted Terra Grimard stood back into the limelight after seven years with her song 'Islands' in April.

Then late last month, she released the second track from 'The Water Album', 'Horizons'. The song combines an electronic backdrop with Terra's folky-pop sound.

"'Horizons' is an uplifting track about being on an open-ended journey and wondering which direction you should head next," Terra says.

"It's about having the freedom and space in life where the possibilities are endless. You can imagine you are looking out at the big sky, in the midst of an adventure and you are wondering what destiny holds.

"I wrote this song on a big trip up the eastern coast of Australia and we were asking ourselves 'what comes next?'."

Terra's heart lives in nature which has led her to donate all proceeds from 'Horizons' to the Great Barrier Reef. "At this time coming out of the COVID-19, its been amazing to see the impact of less pollution in our oceans and air," Terra says.

"This is my way of giving back to the body of water that has inspired my music."

What's the influence behind your new single 'Horizons'?
I wrote 'Horizons' when I was travelling the eastern coast of Australia on a boat. We left Sydney and were on an open-ended trip. It was an adventure! We didn't have any plans for where we were going to settle or if we would go back to Sydney. We were asking ourselves, 'what comes next?'. It's about feeling like there are a lot of possibilities.

How has the move from Canada to Australia affected your song writing?
The best way for me to deal with change and process emotion is to write about it. Moving to Australia has changed my life in so many ways. There is adventure in moving, but there is also a letting go of the past life. Of course, I write about it all.

Also, being in different landscapes within Australia has been an opportunity to write from a feeling of the place. The music that I wrote in the outback is very different from what I've written for 'The Water Album'. In a way, it's like making a soundtrack for the place combined with whatever I am experiencing.

What was a surprising difference between Australian and Canadian life?
Aussies use a lot more slang! It takes a while to catch on to all the nuances.

You go to a stranded island for a week, what do you take with you?
Besides essentials (food, water, shelter), I'd be taking an acoustic guitar, a notebook and a recording device. It would be the perfect opportunity to write in solitude.

What are your top three favourite places in the world?
1. British Columbia, Canada. It's my homeland and I love the smell of the trees.
2. Lucca, Italy. My husband and I were there for a summer music festival a few years back and I have great memories.
3. Magnetic Island, Australia. Most days I catch myself thinking that we live in paradise. It's beautiful, the community is amazing and there is so much nature.

What are the best three songs for the perfect beach trip?
1. 'Chateau' by Angus & Julia Stone.
2. 'Fading' by Vallis Alps.
3. 'Lost In Yesterday' by Tame Impala.

Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?
Ohh, it's so hard to pick but I'd say sunset. . . because the day is done, there is something restful about a sunset.

What's an instrument you'd love to learn to play and why?
Tibetan singing bowls. I've never tried them before, but I think the sound is beautiful.

Favourite place to practice yoga?
I have a favourite spot on our deck that I go to every morning. It overlooks our garden and I can see the sun rise over the hill.

What have you currently got planted in your garden?
Beetroot, kale, parsley, rockmelon, pumpkin, tomatoes and paw paws.

'Horizons' is the follow-up single from 'Islands', both taken from your upcoming 'The Water Album'. Is the main inspiration for the album your home and surrounding Magnetic Island?
The main inspiration is the eastern coast of Australia. At the time of writing, we were travelling and transient. It's a lot about exploring and change. But I am writing a lot of new songs and they are inspired by my life here on the island.

What two artists influenced 'The Water Album' the most?
Jessie Ware and Emma Louise. I was listening to these two a lot when I wrote 'The Water Album'. Both have a really emotive quality in their voices and strong writing style.



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