Synthetic Symphony: Video Games Unplugged

Andrew 'm00nGLaDe' Pender
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Queensland Symphony Orchestra will pay tribute to the relationship between music and video games when they present Video Games Unplugged: Symphony Of Legends at the Brisbane Entertainment and Exhibition Centre next year.

The concert will be a live showcase of music from some of the most important games of recent years, including the game that won more than 200 Game Of The Year awards last year, ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Syrim’, as well as household favourites such as ‘Halo’, ‘God Of War’, ‘Final Fantasy VII’, ‘World Of Warcraft’ and a whole heap more. Supporting the music will be a screen showing specially edited and timed visuals from each of the games covered.

Australia’s leading ‘StarCraft II’ player Andrew ‘mOOnGLaDe’ Pender was recently named Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s Gamer In Residence for the ‘Video Games Unplugged: Symphony Of Legends’ and will act as an ambassador and assist in promoting the event. He says he’s long been a fan of classical music and game music and is honoured to have been given the role of Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s Gamer In Residence.

“I think this is an extremely unique role,” he said. “Forming this link between the two scenes will make for a very interesting experience, one that I’m very excited about.

“I think this will definitely open a whole new path for the QSO, enabling a bright future with a younger audience.

“Music in video games has always been a huge factor, and … it sets the mood for the game, constantly changing to whatever the situation may be. This is how a gamer gets attached to video game music, it will bring back memories and emotions they had while playing, as well as just great music in general they wish they could hear again.”

The concert will be held at Brisbane Entertainment and Exhibition Centre on Saturday December 23 2013, and will be presented by gaming funny men Kristofer Straub and Paul Verhoeven.

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