Support Aussie Musicians-Bands By Celebrating Ausmusic T-Shirt Day

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How are you celebrating 2020 Ausmusic T-Shirt Day? How are you celebrating 2020 Ausmusic T-Shirt Day?

Today is triple j's annual Ausmusic T-Shirt Day where music lovers nationwide don their favourite Aussie band-artist t-shirt and wear it with pride while raising awareness for the local music scene via Support Act.

The not-for-profit organisation has been assisting musicians, crew and industry workers and their families, and Ausmusic T-Shirt Day is an opportunity to show love and care for them too.

So if you can support, make sure you head along to Support Act's website to make a donation.

"If there is one thing our donors and supporters have been telling us since the start of the pandemic, it’s how much they miss live music," Support Act CEO Clive Miller says.

"They also get that artists, crew and music workers have been doing it tough. Ausmusic T-Shirt Day is a great way to celebrate Australian music and the people who create it, while raising funds to ensure that Support Act can continue to provide desperately needed services to our friends and colleagues in need."

The scenestr crew is getting into the spirit of the day, repping a diverse range of artists and bands.

"The Sleepy Jackson remain one of my all-time favourite bands, and one of Australia's hidden musical gems; their 2003 debut album 'Lovers' is a classic. I purchased this shirt after their Brisbane show at The Zoo (I can't recall the year, I think mid 2000s)." - Gareth Bryant (Music Editor)

Gareth Bryant

"I grew up loving Kylie Minogue (does the tattoo give it away?) and am always proud to wear this shirt – among a few other Kylie ones I have – out and about. The Australian music industry is so rich and full whether it's on a global level or a local level, and it's icons like Kylie who really put us on the map." - Jesse Chaffey (Arts & Comedy Editor)

Jesse Chaffey

"Heavy x unconventional + experimental + a tonne of talent = MofoIsDead!" - Clea-marie Thorne (writer, photographer)

Clea marie Thorne

"Reggae usually makes me feel physically ill – Ocean Alley could just be the bridge to change my mind. Also,  'Baby Come Back' was just MINT." - Pepper Jane (writer, socials)

Pepper Jane

Stephen Sloggett (photographer) and newly arrived Austin Hamley Sloggett (born 22 October) rockin' their twin King Gizzard gear. How AMAZING are the cute feels?!

Stephen Sloggett

"Tom Tom Crew are an experimental drum collective led by visionary Australian percussionist Ben Walsh, the mastermind behind The Bird, Circle of Rhythm, The Crusty Suitcase Band and Orchestra of the Underground. Hearing them always makes me want to run away to the circus." - Claire Antagonym (writer, photographer)

Claire Antagonym

"It's always so hard every year to choose which band shirt to wear for AusMusic T Shirt Day! This year, Brisbane's heavy rockers, PistonFist won from my wardrobe of local band shirts. These guys seriously know how to rock, highly recommend you check them out and support your local bands!" - Shannon-Lee Sloane (writer)

Shannon Lee Sloane

"I'm wearing my Troldhaugen shirt from when they supported Korpiklaani last year, absolutely one of the best live acts I've ever seen!" - Aimi Hobson (photographer)

Aimi Hobson

"Some of my earliest memories are listening to classic rock with my parents and Acca Dacca was always played." - Jeaun Lewis (intern)

Jeaun Lewis

Writer Andrew Hall (Ocean Alley) and photographer Barnaby Downes (Gang Of Youths).

Barnaby Downes

"This shirt combines my love of music and my love of rugby league – all for a good community cause as well" - Colleen Edwards (writer)

Colleen Edwards

"No Intelligent Life are another fantastic Sunshine Coast band who I stumbled upon at a Brisbane gig." - Marc Austin-Zande (photographer)

Marc Austin Zande

"I'm rocking a tee from one of my favourite Brisbane bands, Mecha Mecha." - Eden Campbell (writer)

Eden Campbell



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