Split Enz Celebrate 40th Anniversary Of Their Seminal Album 'True Colours' With Coloured Vinyl Releases

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Split Enz originally released their 'True Colours' album in January 1980. Split Enz originally released their 'True Colours' album in January 1980.

Split Enz are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their most successful album, 'True Colours', with a host of special releases and re-issues.

The group's keyboardist, Eddie Rayner has produced a new mix of 'True Colours' after working with freshly digitised audio taken from the original album tapes. "I certainly didn't undertake the remix lightly," Eddie says.

"This was our 'iconic' album – it's always had a unique sound – and to depart from that too much, or to do radically new mixes, would surely incur the wrath of fans and band members alike.

"So I approached the project with caution and some trepidation, with the maxim 'the same, but better'. So, after convincing Warners it was a good idea, I did the remix, and then told the band. Thus far, I'm uninjured."

Split Enz will release four coloured (green, yellow, blue and orange) vinyl editions of 'True Colours' each in sleeves matching the striking original colour combinations issued in January 1980.

A limited edition picture disc will also be available via Warner Music Australia's online store. The CD and digital releases will feature bonus material not included on the original 11-track album.

'True Colours' features 'I Got You', the song that propelled them onto the international stage, as well as 'Poor Boy' and 'I Hope I Never'.

The album was recorded in Melbourne's Armstrong Studio in late 1979 and featured the band line-up of Tim Finn (vocals), Neil Finn (guitar and vocals), Eddie Rayner (keyboards), Noel Crombie (percussion), Nigel Griggs (bass) and Malcolm Green (drums).

Split Enz's 'True Colours' 40th anniversary edition will be available from 31 July, 2020. Click here to pre-order.



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