Spacey Jane Is Good For You

  • Written by  Cooper Flick
  • Thursday, 29 August 2019 11:38
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Perth indie rock four-piece Spacey Jane bring their new single 'Good For You' to BIGSOUND in Brisbane. Perth indie rock four-piece Spacey Jane bring their new single 'Good For You' to BIGSOUND in Brisbane.

The sonically-bonded friends of Spacey Jane have come together once again to deliver a hot new track, 'Good For You'.

The four-piece indie-rock band from Perth recently made their debut live performance earlier this year, while at Splendour In The Grass they played to some pretty “wowed” fans.

Now, having sold-out the majority of shows on their upcoming national tour, there is no rest for the wicked with an album on its way mid-2020.

Spacey Jane guitarist, singer and songwriter Caleb Harper discusses how hectic the year has been. “I don't really know, it's crazy,” Caleb laughs.

“It definitely feels like it's no older than six months in terms of the involvement, probably six weeks if anything. It's a really, really exciting time for us and I think we're just trying to assess things now, figure out what to do next and how to go about it. I'm really lucky to have an amazing team around me so I can just put my head down and write music. We're really fortunate.”

Off the back of a successful tour earlier this year for their single 'Good Grief', the band have been soaking up plenty of goodness with several critics already naming it their favourite track of the year.

“I definitely think after the 'Good Grief' tour selling out a few shows at Brisbane and Melbourne, we were kind of like 'oh right, people outside of Perth wanna hear us'. But I definitely think that the Splendour set was crazy for us, we didn't expect there to be so many people for such an early slot,” Caleb says.

“The opportunities that that has given us and opened up for us have been absolutely massive. Also getting added to the triple j rotation – that made things feel very real in a way that they weren't before like we felt like a real band, I don't know how to put it. I had people telling me 'dude I'm hearing you twice a day on the work site'.”

The band’s new release talks about love, doubt and broken relationships all within a relatively upbeat track. It comes as a bit of a reminder that none of us are perfect and we need to continue to look after ourselves.

“I think it comes off the back of a few failed romantic relationships now which is like a weird thing to be looking at at 22; it feels like 'oh f...', there's just a weird sense of failure in that,” Caleb explains.

“There's a few fractured family relationships and just kind of taking stock of that and going 'oh maybe I need to look at a few things and how I handle relationships and working through things', not really having any answers but definitely recognising that there might be a problem there. It's a scary song for me.”

The band teamed with Matt Sav (Tame Impala, POND, San Cisco) and Nicolee Fox to create an accompanying music video for ‘Good For You’, which basically shows the band playing and doing some odd things with an overall retro video vibe.

“It’s so cool,” Caleb says. "Matt Sav is amazing, he's just an absolute chiller. He has some really good ideas and he kind of takes your little idea that you might have and he really turns it into something that you never could have done yourself.

“The whole thing was really fun. None of us are particularly outlandish or extroverted people, but he definitely gets us doing some weird sh.t that we wouldn't normally be doing. He makes us feel super comfortable to just f... around on film. We're really happy with how it came out and full credit to him, we just mucked around a bit.”

Spacey Jane play BIGSOUND, which runs 3-6 September. They also play The Foundry (Brisbane) 31 Aug-1 Sep.


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