Snuff Is Enough: Sydney Band's Dark Evolution

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  • Tuesday, 15 November 2016 15:46
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Snuff Snuff

Sydney electro-industrial outfit Snuff take the next grand leap in their dark evolution with the announcement of an east-coast tour, the release of a new five-track EP and the addition of a live drummer.

Comprised of soundman Joey 'The Tormentor' Skittles and vocalist Alicia Falls, Snuff pride themselves on being the love-child of Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack. In November they hit the road, bringing with them a five-track EP 'Intravenus' and newest addition to the group, drummer Ellis Silverman. “We're really keen to get this release out right now because Snuff is going through another change,” Alicia says.

“We've been building up these songs for two years as a duo, playing them live and we're really keen to get them done. These five tracks ended up being a very interesting exploration; they all had this one running theme of love, intimacy and what happens when you let people under your skin.

“It ended up being a five track about sex, intimacy and relationships, and we thought this was something as a whole we can put out. Particularly we want to get it out because we're on the verge of being a trio now, so we've got a live drummer, Ellis Silverman, who's joined us. Things are starting to change again so we really want to put this out because this is our reflection of us as a duo and we're going to be a trio now.”

Having worked closely as a duo since their early days, both Joey and Alicia are eager to see where the new evolution of Snuff takes them. “I feel 'Intravenus' is a really exciting way to close the chapter of us being a duo, to perfectly lead into what's going to be coming over the next couple of years and what we're going to be working on with our lovely new drummer Ellis,” Joey says.

The upcoming tour features beatmaker/ fashionista Amelia Arsenic as support and is a chance for Snuff to road test their new material. “I'm feeling great, so excited,” Joey says. “We finally get to meet so many more wonderful individuals and play with some great talent around Australia to share our music with.

“It's going to be loud and intimate, and it's definitely going to be something you've never seen before. It's something that we've been working so hard on creating something unique, exciting and entertaining for everyone involved.”

“Really cutting to it,” Alicia adds, “the thing that people say about about our shows is that there's a connection between us as musicians, a creepy sort of synergy in the way we absorb the music and perform on stage that we've been told is pretty watchable.

“I think we're really interested in making people feel things, feeling bass in their guts and making them feel everything from [do] they want to grind and dance, to maybe they feel a little bit uncomfortable. Whatever it is, we're up for making people feel some extreme emotions.”

Snuff play New Globe Theatre (Brisbane) 19 November.


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