Sia Wears A Dress Covered With Pictures Of Dogs For The MTV Movie & TV Awards

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Sia performing 'Hey Boy' at the MTV Movie & TV Awards Sia performing 'Hey Boy' at the MTV Movie & TV Awards Image - YouTube

Australia's own Sia made an appearance at MTV's Movie & TV Awards ceremony at the weekend, serving up a show-stopping rendition of new single 'Hey Boy'.

The performance featured the always quirky singer donning one of those signature oversized wigs we've come to expect from Sia, but her choice of fashion – and in fact the aesthetic of the whole performance – was enough to make any dog-lover go "awwwwwwww"!

Sia's floor-length dress featured Polaroid snaps of dogs of all shapes and sizes and their names, while her dancers donned furry, mop-like body suits resembling dogs as they ran and danced around her.

The set was minimal – mainly made up of screens simulating a lush, green dog park with hundreds of bouncing tennis balls and a shimmering rainbow to top it all off. Honestly, a giant dog park filled with dogs jumping around playfully sounds a little bit like what heaven must be like. . . Right?

'Hey Boy' is taken from the soundtrack of 'Music', an upcoming film directed by Sia which has already had its fair share of controversy surrounding the casting of Sia's long-time collaborator Maddie Ziegler, playing autistic teenager Music.

Maddie (who was initially best-known for appearing in TV show 'Dance Moms') first appeared in the music video for Sia's 'Chandelier' in 2014 and has since performed alongside Sia in television/award shows and other music videos.

Sia's directorial debut 'Music' is in cinemas 7 January, 2021.



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