ShockOne Drops New Single 'Follow Me'

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ShockOne's new single is titled 'Follow Me'. ShockOne's new single is titled 'Follow Me'.

With an Adam Freeland 'Now & Them'-styled vibe, Australian drum n bass producer ShockOne has dropped his latest single, the bangin' 'Follow Me'.

The track, released on ShockOne's recently launched label Dark Machine Records, is centred around a hard-hitting bassline, filled with grimy undertones, and enhanced by a computer-generated vocal that captures the realities of today's online landscape.

"'Follow Me' is a message from the all-seeing and all-knowing god of algorithms that dictate all aspects of our lives today," ShockOne says.

"Our new religion is here, on every screen, in every app, on every platform. Proclaim your faith today, hit the follow button now."



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