White Paradise Boat Party

Shaun Warner
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Most people have experienced a Brisbane River boat party. Some have ventured to the Gold Coast for a half-day island party. But not many can say they’ve had the NYE White Paradise experience.

DJ Shaun Warner is headlining the event and knows what to expect. “I played the NYE White Paradise party last year and on January 1 I told the organisers I don’t care where I am next year or what’s happening I'm coming back. It was the best crowd I’ve played to in a long time.”

Shaun knows a good time. He’s living the Aoki style lifestyle that a DJ with 15 years experience should. He recently Tweeted a picture of his transport to a gig: “It’s not every day you get a private jet to a party, there are some nice moments.”

Those with a ticket to the White Paradise party are set for a crisp show from this DJ. “Last year there were 2,000 people all facing the one direction hanging on every single track with hands in the air. I had a live drummer then and this year I’ve got trumpet player Darren Skaar to do a live set with me.”

Aside from the DJing, Shaun also creates his own productions; what he believes to be honest music. “My music comes out of relationships. Most of my lyrics are quite lovey-dovey and wishy-washy and not very cool. I don’t write about banging bitches or getting wet with a super soaker. I just try to write about life experience and relationships that mean something.”

There is longevity in creating music that speaks to who you are and Shaun is thinking long term. “Rather than trying to make the next club hit, I’d like to be able to listen to my music in ten years and not think, 'Jesus, what was I thinking?'”

The proof is in the crowd's reaction: “It’s amazing and an affirmation that what I’m doing is right. It’s such an ego trip but it’s not why I do it. Everyone is having the time of their life, and it’s good to know the commitment is worth it.”

Catch Shaun Warner at White Paradise New Year’s Eve.

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