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You Am I at The tivoli, Brisbane in 360° VR You Am I at The tivoli, Brisbane in 360° VR GiG VR
scenestr tv has added 360° capability to its line-up.

First cab (of many) off the rank is You Am I's 'How Much Is Enough' shot at The Tivoli this year. scenestr has partnered with GiG VR which is shaping to shake up the Australian music scene by helping music fans relive their favourite gigs through virtual reality and 360° video.

GiG VR Co-Founder, Phil Sheen, and scenestr publisher, Howard Duggan are excited about the media partnership opening a wide audience for the innovative format.

Sheen said his service [Gig VR] offers music fans a completely new, revolutionised way of watching and listening to music.

“This new technology is really great because it allows people to experience music they love and get them closer than ever so they feel like they are a part of the show,” Mr Sheen said.

"We are creating new experiences for a global digital audience and empowering them to be their own director by choosing how they interact with the film clip".

The idea for this amazing new product was born after Mr Sheen and childhood friend and GiG VR Co-Founder, Chris Brady, combined their interest in virtual reality technology with their love of live music.

The pair have since partnered with iconic Brisbane live music venue, The Zoo, to promote local Brisbane music through filming their most special gigs in 360VR.

The Zoo Owner, Pixie Weyand said she was a big fan of virtual reality and had been looking for someone to film the bands coming through her venue, so a collaboration with GiG VR was a no-brainer.

"Working with GiG VR was a perfect match and perfect timing with our relaunch of the Zoo” Ms Weyand said.



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