Sampology Expands His Worldwide Audience

Sampology now has his own show on digital radio station Worldwide FM.
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Brisbane audio-visual artist Sampology has expanded his ten-plus year reign over the airwaves with his own show on digital radio station Worldwide FM.

From behind the decks to behind the mic, the gospel of Sampology is being spread further than ever before during his monthly programme to a global church of eager audiophiles.

Sampology is also releasing a new album later in the year, with the first single, 'Blooming In The Streets’, featuring vocals by Seven Davis Jr.

We recently caught up with the Brisbane native to chat about the new record, his radio show and his ever-evolving artistry.

You started a residency on Worldwide FM earlier this year; what has that experience been like for you so far?
This week my third, two-hour monthly show was broadcast and I'm incredibly appreciative to be given the slot. Since I stopped my regular 'Constellation Streams', I've been hungry for a similar outlet which I can justify putting all my energy into. It's been the perfect fit.

Does your show have a specific focus ie. local talent, emerging artists?
Worldwide Festival/ Awards/ FM are run out of London and have a history through their owner, Gilles Peterson, of championing musicians and communities of importance, both past and present.

I focus primarily on new and forthcoming releases, a lot of which are from Australia and NZ. But that said, there's no rules and I'll play anything I'm feeling that month based on my own taste.

There's also interviews with people I'm curious about getting to know, and their creative process. So far I've had convos [sic] with Mildlife, Laneous, Wallace, Tiana Khasi, Myele Manzana and Sean C Bate.

What's your process for compiling the set list for your radio show?
An evolving play list every month from new releases either sent to me or from reaching out to artists, for sneaky advance spins.

Because there's so much happening in Melbourne at the moment, I've been purposefully reaching out to homies in Adelaide, Perth, NZ for recommendations because I know as a Brisbanite it's so easy for incredibly talented bands and musicians to get overlooked in our sized cities.

You have a new album due later this year; what can we expect from this upcoming collection?
Lush. Nature. Orchestral. Sounds like sample-based kaleidoscope, but all recorded at home or on recent travels.

Does the album represent a change in direction or intent for you?
Yes and no. I think it will just sound more like me and a reflection of recent creative experiences.

How does the new album compare/ contrast to the 'Mt Glorious' EP?
It's not a departure album, it's a continuation. ‘Mt Glorious’ was six tracks. This will be a longer journey, a bit deeper and expanded.

The first single, 'Blooming In The Streets', features vocals by Seven Davis Jr.; what drew you to him as a collaborator?
Either as a vocalist or producer, you know it's him straight away.

He's based in LA and I sent him the instrumental to see if he could come up with a narrative based around either nature or feelings of 'falling in and out, and then back in love with your home town'. I was blown away with what he sent back as he tied both together.

Who else have you worked with on the new album, and what did they contribute?

What can we expect from this project in terms of visual elements?
Mum's the word.

Your hunt for samples takes you all over the world; where are some of the more unlikely places you've travelled, and what did you find there?
It's somewhat of a silly priority, but on the road in the past I've been straight to the record stores before the beautiful architecture or unique sights.

In particular, I've enjoyed digging in Mumbai, Dubai, San Francisco, Montreal, Melbourne. Record stores are at their best when you feel they lean towards the city and country they are based in because of the new and old releases stocked from that region.

A stalwart of the Brisbane scene, what sets the city's live dance culture apart from others in Australia and around the world?
Cities are living and breathing organisms, and I've seen Brisbane change over the years a few times.

It's in a really healthy place at the moment partially from all the musicians, bands and local labels, and partially from all the people who realise the value in taking 10 or 20 bucks out of their wallet for a ticket to see a band or independent dance event a few times a month, rather than $150 once a year for stadium show or festival.

What's coming next from your imprint Middle Name Dance Tracks?
Along with my own album, there will be 'Middle Name Dance Tracks Vol 2' – Middle Name Dance Band is my collaboration with Sam Maguire and Megan Christensen.

We've been doing a bi-weekly Wednesday residency at The Bearded Lady (in Brisbane) through June/ start of July, which has been so helpful for building the project and constructing the next EP.

Both will be pressed on vinyl as I did for 'Mt Glorious' and 'Middle Name Dance Tracks Vol. 1', which there are some copies floating around at Monster Robot and Jet Black Cat Records, or from

Visit Worldwide FM to stream Sampology's previous sets. He plays Natural Selections Vol 1 at The Outpost (Brisbane) 17 August.

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