Sampology: Best Albums Of 2012

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If Sampology says these are the albums of the year, there's a good chance they really are the albums of the year.

Sampology is no ordinary turntable technician. His legendary 'Super Visual' AVDJ series has earned him a rep as Australia's best Audio Visual DJ, and he's played a number of the world's greatest festivals, including Big Day Out, SXSW, Big Chill Festival, Berlin Music Festival, Falls Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Sydney Festival, Tropfest and Adelaide Fringe Festival.

1. Hiatus Kaiyote — Tawk Tomahawk

If you haven't heard of this Melbourne band you should check them out asap; I'm pretty regretful that I didn't find them sooner. Tawk Tomahawk is gritty, raw and lush with the gritty swing of a Dilla/ Madlib production, but performed live by dope musicians. 'Rainbow Rhodes' and 'Ocelot' are my favs.

2. Hermitude — Hyper Paradise

I'm going to assume pretty much everyone is aware of Hermitude's stupid good album released early this year? Yep? Sweet.

3. The 2 Bears — Be Strong

The 2 Bears is a collaboration between Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) and Raf Rundell, and in a lot of ways between this project, the new Hot Chip album and all of his remixes this year, Joe Goddard was arguably the hardest working man in dance music for 2012. 'The Birds & The Bees', 'Bear Hug' and the title track are my picks.

4. Daphni — Jiaolong

This album is an experimental dubbed-out electronica combing disco loops, drum machines and space echo with some pretty non-traditional arrangements. It's not for everyone, but I personally think it's super dope and I would love to find myself in more clubs where music like this is played in 2013.


OK, sorry, this wasn’t an album release but I don't care. Its impact was huge in both clubland as well as rap music. The production value is super high, the tracks are simple in the best way and so damn effective to DJ with.

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