RocKwiz Live Returns To The Stage For Another Good Friday Melbourne Performance

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  • Tuesday, 23 March 2021 16:39
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RocKwiz’s Really Really Good Friday live show plays as part of Live At The Bowl (Melbourne) 2 April. RocKwiz’s Really Really Good Friday live show plays as part of Live At The Bowl (Melbourne) 2 April.

RocKwiz is back.

After four consecutive years of a Good Friday live version of the classic music knowledge quiz at Melbourne's Hamer Hall, next month marks the debut of RockWiz’s Really Really Good Friday new live show at Sidney Myer Music Bowl. “I am always ready for RocKwiz,” co-host Brian Nankervis stresses jubilantly.

RocKwiz was last staged at the Bowl in 2009, when 11,000 people attended RocKwiz Salutes 50 Years At The Bowl. “The Myer Music Bowl has been a very important venue over the years,” Brian says of the live show’s new home.

“We’re always amazed when Julia [Zemiro] asks that first question, ‘What was the first rock concert you ever went to?’ [and it’s] incredible how many people saw their first show at this venue!”

In true music history style, Brian takes a quick trip down his own Music Bowl memory lane. “I saw Bob Dylan three nights in a row in 1978, I saw Ray Charles there, Neil Young. . . an incredible venue!”

RocKwiz’s Really Really Good Friday looks to be the kind of event that is going to shake the ghosts from the venue’s walls in a night of celebration and fun.

But RocKwiz does, of course, have an innate ability to not only honour the past with a healthy degree of nostalgia, but also has an awareness to remain current. “When we did our first show in 2005 [on SBS], we had Joe Camilleri with Christina Noon," Brian says.

“I think the audience, there’s no doubt about it, they love a heritage act, one they’ve grown up with, like the Paul Kellys and Daryl Braithwaites, but they also like being in on the discovery of a new act.

“I think they quite like the idea we are helping continue the industry – I mean, it’s one of the legacies of the late, great Michael Gudinski; he was very aware that the new acts needed to be nurtured and encouraged.

“So that’s always been a part of our charter, if you will, to reminisce seeing The Seekers at the Bowl in 1967 but also giving a platform for new acts.”

So who are these new acts that will partake in RocKwiz’s Really Really Good Friday? “Well, in true RocKwiz tradition, it’s a secret!” Brian teases.

“I can tell you of the fours artists, there are two comedians – that’s been a really interesting factor for our Good Friday shows because it coincides with the Melbourne Comedy Festival. We’re a bit excited about that.

“But as I say, once we settle in with the contestants we’ve chosen from the audience, Julia says, ‘Who can it be now?’ and gives the clues as to who’s on.

“I can say that of the four artists, there are two very, very new up-and-coming artists, and one gentleman who has been a mainstay of the music scene since the ‘90s.

“And then there is a gentleman who is a household name all over the world. Let me just say that. I reckon I was dancing at parties in the late ‘70s to this guy!”

RocKwiz’s Really Really Good Friday live show plays as part of Live At The Bowl at Sidney Myer Music Bowl (Melbourne) 2 April.



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