Robbie Williams Adelaide Review @ Adelaide 500

Robbie Williams headlined the Sunday concert at Adelaide 500 4 March, 2018.
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As a cool change rolled through the Adelaide CBD after a win by Shane van Gisbergen for the second year in a row on the Adelaide 500 track earlier that day, the masses still came piling through the gates to see their favourite British bogan, the one and only Robbie Williams.

The stage was set, the audience was ready and I had no idea that I was about to witness one of the best concerts I have ever had the privilege of attending.

Robbie Williams.2Image © Lisa Vincent

Robbie entered the stage to begin his Heavy Weight Entertainment show, dressed in a kilt and a boxing robe ready to fight his way into our hearts. ‘Let Me Entertain You’ got us all in the mood for a great night, along with a cheeky flip of his kilt.

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And a well-timed dig at Adelaide’s most hated football player, Patrick Dangerfield, after recently performing in Geelong had the masses booing for the only time that night.

Clearly enjoying toying with us, he expressed how much he loves his life. A seamless transition into the song he wrote for his beloved children Teddy and Charlie, ‘Love My Life’. “If one of my kids comes up to me and says, 'Daddy I love my life' then I know I have done my job.”

More amazing performances of ‘She’s The One’ and ‘Betterman’, which was only released in Australia for reasons none of us could quite fathom, settled the crowd into an easy night among the crude Robbie jokes.

“You know they won’t put me on the radio anymore? Because I’m 44 and fat, but f*** them, I’m still selling out f***ing Adelaide!”

Robbie Williams.3Image © Lisa Vincent

As only he knew how, he paid homage to his idols George Michael and his Father, Papa Peter, with ‘Freedom 90’ (George Michael) and a fabulous duet rendition of ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond sung with his beautiful dad.

He told us the story when his dad was doing a comedy and music performance in 1979 and 'Sweet Caroline’ is what made him want to do what he does now. He would watch his dad hold the audience in the palm of his hand for the entire show; something that Robbie is also a master.

“I love Australia, and I know you think I say that everywhere… and I do; but when I say it in Spain they get very confused.”

‘Come Undone’ and ‘Angels’ took the night to a new level as the crowd turned on their phones, waving them in the air and lighting up the night in the most spectacular fashion.

Robbie WilliamsImage © Lisa Vincent

He closed the show with what he calls Australia’s Anthem, ‘Down Under’ by Men At Work, followed by ‘My Way’ by Claude Francois and finally an a capella mash-up of some of the songs he had already sung that night.

And without a trace he left the stage while we were all still dazed by the magic of the night, singing ‘Angels’ all together one, last time.

God bless our Robbie. He might be a saint, a whore and a self-confessed Bogan Brit, but he is still Australia’s son. An amazing evening to cap off a huge weekend in Adelaide.

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