Robbie Miller Continues To Tease Us With News Of His Debut Album

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  • Friday, 07 February 2020 14:17
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Robbie Miller performs at The Sound Society at South Bank Parklands (Brisbane) 7 March. Robbie Miller performs at The Sound Society at South Bank Parklands (Brisbane) 7 March.

Brisbane singer-songwriter Robbie Miller prepares for the release of his debut album, which has been five years in the making.

With plans for release later this year, Robbie has been teasing the album with a series of singles since 2019 – 'The Come Down' and 'Show Your Skin' – with a third, 'Bitterness', due in April.

“It's a group of stories told through one narrative around what people can do; the song 'Bitterness' is basically about being screwed over – I don't know a better way to say that,” Robbie explains with a chuckle.

“I used a group of stories of some friends of mine that have been in some pretty bad situations or really have been messed around pretty bad, and I put that all together into one narrative.”

It's a been a slow-and-steady push for Robbie since winning a National Indigenous Music Award in 2013 for Best New Indigenous Talent.

Reflecting on the accolade, Robbie says it's taken the past seven years to properly prepare both musically and mentally for his debut album. “When I won that award, I didn't know how hard music actually was,” he admits.

“I'd never played live before, I'd never tried to perform or engage, and I feel now I'm probably the most ready I have been.

“It's quite a good feeling to know I have a few more singles under my belt and an album, because now is where I feel I should have been seven years ago but I wasn't.

“So much in music is about timing but if you can try and build-up a little snowball behind you, it just makes everything go that little bit further.”

Robbie has recently been honing his live show further as support for The Rubens, who he says have helped teach him the importance of being relaxed onstage and taking each show as they come.

“That's probably been the key,” he says, “because sometimes you can get caught up in your own world and what you want to say, and it's been quite nice seeing the way they go about it.”

Before either 'Bitterness' or his album are released, Robbie will be performing as part of The Sound Society series held at South Bank Parklands (Brisbane), where he will be road-testing his new material before it enters the world.

“I've been working on a few things, so there's songs from my album I want to play to an unsuspecting audience, see how they vibe on it, but then I'll chuck in maybe three or four well-known covers just so people aren't listening to all songs they've never heard before,” he says.

“I'll try and do a nice mix, mix it up a little bit and have some fun. It looks like a really relaxed environment, which is something I really like so I'll try and make it as relaxing as possible. But not too relaxed, I don't want people to all asleep,” Robbie laughs.

Robbie Miller performs at The Sound Society at South Bank Parklands (Brisbane) 7 March.


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