Review: Waterparks @ The Princess Theatre (Brisbane)

Waterparks played The Princess Theatre (Brisbane) on 7 October, 2023 - image © KealiJoan Studios
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Waterparks took us to the moon as they hit the stage for their Brisbane show at The Princess Theatre.

The stage (7 October) came alive with a blazing surge of energy as multiple award-winning Canadian artist, Lights, seized the spotlight. Her voice, raw and emotionally charged, immediately ensnared the audience, weaving an electrifying atmosphere.

Lights was a whirlwind of energy onstage, her charisma and boundless enthusiasm drawing fans into her magnetic presence. As she belted out hits like 'Salt And Vinegar' and 'Love Me', the crowd enthusiastically joined in, igniting the venue into a frenzy of raised hands and bodies in constant motion.

Yet, this performance transcended mere music; Lights connected intimately with her audience, sharing personal anecdotes and forging a profound bond. Her performance was a testament to her pop-punk prowess, leaving fans with an insatiable appetite for more.

Lights - image © KealiJoan Studios

After six, long years of anticipation, the moment fans had yearned for finally arrived as Waterparks stormed the stage. The venue was instantly engulfed in exhilarating chaos as the beloved pop-punk legends launched into their highly awaited set.

They chose to kick things off with their electrifying track 'STA*F...ER', setting the tone for a night of sheer musical dynamism. The impact of their return was palpable, with the audience's anticipation reaching a fever pitch as the initial chords reverberated through the venue. Waterparks had risen like a phoenix, and the crowd was ecstatic.

Waterparks tantalised their fans with an enticing glimpse of their musical mastery, unveiling their unreleased and electrifying track, 'Sneaking Out Of Heaven' – the energy in the venue was nothing short of electric.

Lead singer Awsten Knight sent waves of excitement coursing through the audience as he delved into a bit of nostalgia, sharing stories about their song 'Telephone', which had left an indelible mark on many after being featured in the popular TV series, 'Heartstopper'. It was a sentimental moment that sent the crowd into paroxysms of excitement.

Waterparks - image © KealiJoan Studios

The crowd's enthusiasm reached an exhilarating crescendo with resounding chants of "Otto," a heart-warming ode to the group's drummer. Awsten jumped in stating: "This is how we greet Otto in the morning"! The collective laughter that followed further fuelled the electrifying atmosphere.

In a poignant and intimately profound moment, Waterparks graced the crowd with an acoustic interlude. Awsten took centre stage, his mesmerising guitar strumming lit only by the torchlights of fans, with all the venue's lights turned off.

Awsten delivered soul-stirring renditions of their hits, including '21 Questions', 'Lowkey As Hell', and 'Lucky People' as the audience was transported to a deeply emotional space. This stripped-down performance highlighted the band's musical depth and left the crowd not just awestruck but profoundly moved.

However, the magic of the evening extended beyond the music; it was about the shared experience. Waterparks engaged intimately with the crowd throughout their performance, sharing humorous banter and inside jokes with fans.

One particularly endearing moment involved a young fan who challenged Awsten to a game of rock, paper, scissors, with the condition the fan would crowd surf if he lost. It was clear the band wasn't just there to perform; they were there to forge a deep and personal connection with their devoted fan base.

Waterparks - image © KealiJoan Studios

As the night continued, the air was saturated with nostalgia as Waterparks revisited hits from their early albums. This trip down memory lane elicited a collective sense of fond reminiscence among the fans, a reminder of the band's enduring legacy.

It was the new material that undeniably stole the show, though. Songs like '2 Best Friends' and 'Funeral Grey' showcased the band's artistic evolution while preserving the cherished pop-punk essence that fans held dear. The performance was a testament to Waterparks' ability to evolve as artists while staying true to their roots.

The Princess Theatre, adorned with the collective energy and passion of both the performers and the audience, pulsed with an infectious blend of emotion and enthusiasm.

As the night drew to a close, Waterparks left the crowd with a sense of lingering hope, a yearning that they wouldn't make their devoted fans endure another agonisingly long wait for their triumphant return.

The concert was not just a musical event; it was an unforgettable experience that had imprinted itself on the hearts and souls of everyone in attendance.

More photos from the show.

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