Review: Ultra Australia 2024 @ Flemington Racecourse (Melbourne)

Ultra Australia 2024 was staged in Melbourne (13 April) and Gold Coast (14 April) - image © Ethan Sculley
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One of the world's leading electronic music brands brought sold-out shows across Melbourne and Gold Coast last weekend.

Ultra Australia saw a highly anticipated return to Flemington Racecourse (13 April) in Melbourne, as well as its Gold Coast debut (12 April). Once again, Ultra surpassed our high expectations, boasting a competitive production and flagship line-up featuring Armin van Buuren, Zedd, Steve Aoki, Carl Cox, Brennan Heart, Darren Styles, Will Sparks, and more.

The Melbourne leg kicked off with German-Croatian producer Topic opening the main stage. With an electrifying blend of chart-topping hits, Topic ignited the crowd setting the tone for the unforgettable day ahead.

Shortly following, Australian favourite Will Sparks dominated the main stage with his signature sound and commanding stage presence. With his fourth appearance at Ultra Australia, Sparks solidified his enduring popularity, fuelling a continuous wave of energy that swept over the crowd.

Once again, Ultra Australia witnessed an eagerly awaited hardstyle takeover with the dynamic headline performances of industry stalwarts Darren Styles and Brennan Heart at the forefront.

Backed by competitive production, their sets showcased the infectious energy that has recently been dominating the Australian music scene. Unleashing a barrage of sonic ecstasy, the relentless energy emanating from the stage was palpable, attesting to the remarkable surge in the popularity of hardstyle across Australia.

Over at the Resistance Stage, festival goers were immersed in the underground sounds of house and techno. Internationally acclaimed producer Carl Cox graced the stage twice throughout the day, opening alongside Christopher Coe in a live, improvised performance, and later returning to close the stage for his two-hour HYBRID set.

The Resistance Stage offered an intimate musical experience, immersing the audience under Cox's hypnotic rhythm.

As the sun dipped below the city skyline, Steve Aoki took the main stage by storm, igniting the crowd with his explosive energy and trademark cake-throwing antics.

Meanwhile, Grammy Award-winning producer and DJ Zedd also made his mark on the main stage, drawing from an extensive catalogue of chart-topping hits. Delivering a set that was both exhilarating and emotive, Zedd cemented his status as one of the most dynamic artists in electronic music today.

Bringing the festival to an epic conclusion, Armin van Buuren took to the stage for the final set. The Dutch trance legend delivered a masterful performance, showcasing an unparalleled production and taking the audience through a discovery of tracks.

As the night descended into its final moments, the sky erupted with fireworks bursting forth in a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues and a dazzling array of colours as the festival reached a spectacular finale.

- written by Ethan Sculley

Ultra Australia 2024.2 credit Ethan Sculley
Image © Ethan Sculley

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